Better than sliced bread & only half as mouldy!
— Ben Templesmith - 30 Days of Night, Dagon, Welcome to Hoxford
if you are looking for a pop culture podcast done by very cool, fun, people, check out The Court of Nerds! Trust me, it will be an orgasm for your nerdy little ears!
— Mick Gray - Promethea, Robin son of Batman, Batman and Robin
Welcome to the Court of Nerds! The invisible hand watching the comics community, the powerful embodiment of a no-prize, the people keeping me honest! These folks kick ass!
— Steve Orlando - Midnighter, Undertow

The Court of Nerds are a collection of individuals who are dedicated to presenting the Four Pillars of Nerdary as best they can: Games, Movies, Television, and Comics. We want to present thoughtful articles and interviews and help to foster a community of acceptance and excitement in the Nerd community - long-time fans and brand-spanking-new ones will have FREE access to our content, and are welcome to conveying their opinions as well. The only caveat? Don't be a dick. 

Some of the folks we've had the opportunity to gab with range from comics legends Neal Adams and Mike Grell to modern greats such as Ben Templesmith and Skottie Young. You can peruse our episode archive HERE, or dig back on our site as far as it'll go. 

More than anything else, however, we're believers in a unified Comics Community, and want to share that love with old and new readers alike.