Comic Review: Nightwing The New Order #4

I thought I prepared myself for this. I thought I was ready. I thought my emotions wouldn't get the better of me. But good stories get you when you least expected it. Good stories leave you rapt with anticipation. Good stories leave you wanting more.

If you're not caught up, then do so now.

After Dick Grayson (Nightwing once more) was rescued by Wally West (the not so Kid Flash) from Jon Stewart (Green Lantern 2814.3) he was brought to the secret base of The Titans; the superpowered resistance to the world he helped create. He is met by a cast of familiar faces: Garfield Logan (Beast Boy caught mid transformation), Lois Lane (wife of deceased Superman, ex-reporter, now Blue Lantern), Vic Stone (Cyborg, mostly unchanged), and Koriand’r (Starfire, former wife to Dick Grayson and mother of Jake).

This meeting is twinge with every single kind of emotion imaginable, and everyone has a right to be angry. Dick killed Lois’ husband. He betrayed Wally and those like him. Garfield is stuck between two worlds. Kori abandoned Dick and their son. Yet they all must come together despite their greivences to try to save Jake from Kate Kane (not Batwoman). Good thing Cyborg has an inside man (woman) and they can figure out where Jake is being kept and why. He’s got the possible cure inside of him for bringing back people’s superpowers.

The rebuilt Titans storm the secret facility where Jake is being kept, and even manage to break him out of his cell, but a surprise is waiting for them. Seems that Kate has been keeping Mr. Freeze on payroll and he’s not about to let these heroes leave.

What Kyle Higgins’ manages to successfully do is very hard. He makes everyone situation sympathetic to the reader. Despite affiliation, criminal status, or relationship status we can all empathize with everyone in this book. That’s not easy to do.

While we all know the justifications of “I’m just following orders,” or the “this wouldn’t have happened unless the people wanted it,” or the even better “she wouldn’t have this job unless she is qualified;” are tell tale signals of fascist regimes… We never see it until it’s too late.  

The art styling can still be hit or miss for some readers, but do enjoy Trevor McCarthy’s take on an aging Titans. Something about seeing “Saint” Lois Lane feels right as well. I mean, the “S” stands for “Hope,” right?

This is still a great series that is getting better. Don’t miss out.


Rating: 9/10




Comic Review: Batgirl #17

Batgirl #17 | Written by: Hope Larson | Art by: Christian Wildgoose | DC Comics | 11.22.2017


Hope Larson and Christian Wildgoose do the tough task in wrapping up a fun arc on the highest of notes. Wildgoose and Larson do many things great, but I've been blown away by the attention to detail with the little things that the eyes might miss if moving too fast. 

Slow down and take this book in, pay close attention to the fight scene between Mad Hatter and Batgirl in the flashback opening scene because even I cruised through it on read No. one.

This flashback scene does a fantastic job of bringing us up to date, and by showing us of the strong bond that Batgirl/Barbara and Robin/Nightwing/Dick have always had. Wildgoose brings these panels to life with things like the yanking of night vision goggles, the sly pulling out of Mad Hatter's knife, and the use of the flashlight to show the damage to Hatter and for some pretty scenes in the dark sewer. 

Batgirl just went off the grid and pushed it too far, but Robin was there in the past to reign her back in. This opening sequence felt like an emotional kick to the gut between the emotional exchange to the nostalgia-feels of the awesome take on their old costumes. 

That then brings us to the very awkward present time, which Larson and Middleton do a great job in creating a relatable scene between the very interesting Barbara-Dick dynamic. Without spoiling anything, it plays on all the will they, won't they stuff while keeping their eyes on the main villain, the Red Queen. As I said above, pay attention to the little things with these two in charge *cough* pay attention to Nightwing's glove *cough*. 

The flashback scene and first couple of scenes back in present Batgirl time are enough to write about because it just played off of and enhanced the dynamics that make these two characters very lovable, and very readable. 

The showdown between Nightwing, Batgirl and the Red Queen puts a nice touch on the end of this arc. One thing I want to note is that I love sticking with the Babs New 52 style of Batgirl get up. 

Rating: 9/10 blows to the Mad Hatter's Jared Leto "Fight Club" face: A perfect ending of a very solid arc shows that with Hope Larson and Christian Wildgoose that every detail matters. These two are money and add a little of that flavor that Batgirl has been riding on for the past couple of years. 

The use of flashbacks to real-time and flashbacks to help bring real-time back, if that makes sense, is perfectly done. Putting these two characters back together is so damn satisfying when it's done right, and that's exactly what this creative team does.