Happy Rants: Ryan Reynolds steals Deadpool costume from set because he's Ryan Reynolds

Besides being dreamy, Canadian and dreamy, Ryan Reynolds is the perfect man to play Wade Wilson aka Deadpool aka the Merc with a Mouth. 

How Deadpool is this report from Comic Book Resources

Due to 20th Century Fox being terrible and making us wait a decade for this film, Reynolds decided to steal one of the patented costumes after filming wrapped up. 

Let's examine this a little deeper.

The star of the movie "stole" one of the costumes ... yeah, OK ... like Ryan Reynolds is going to get in trouble for this. He knew what he was doing in this act of revenge, and that makes it all the much better. 


"I loved wearing [the suit] and I have run away with one," RR told Marie Claire magazine"I'll probably get into trouble for saying that, but I've waited 10 years to do this movie so I'm leaving with a f***ing suit."

Cover me in maple syrup and marry me. 

It's no secret here on the Court of Nerds that I'm pumped about this movie. The anticipation is only growing stronger and that is mostly thanks to Ryan Reynolds. Forget that whole X-Men Origins Wolverine movie existed, because, that was not Deadpool and that was not Ryan Reynolds (THEY STITCHED HIS MOUTH SHUT).  Oh yeah, forget that Green Lantern movie, too. Well, maybe watch it so you can understand some of the hilarious jabs at that mega-expensive steaming pile of rat intestines. 

Reynolds has been great on social media and interviews regarding the movie, and the marketing team has given just enough sneak peaks to keep fans craving more without ruining the whole she-bang. 

For those who haven't seen this yet, see below for the crazy similarities between Ryan and Wade. 

From Reddit:

  • Ryan Reynolds' acting appearance took place Feb. 3, 1991, which was two days after Deadpool first appeared in comics. 
  • Their names both have alliteration. Ryan's full name is Ryan Rodney Reynolds (RRR) and Deadpool's full name is Wade Winston Wilson (WWW).
  • They have both been divorced and remarried.
  • They both met their second wives in a comic property.
  • They both have one child, a daughter.
  • They have also appeared in not only Marvel but DC properties as well. Ryan in Green Lantern, and Deadpool in Superman/Batman Annual #1 (I FORGOT ABOUT THAT ONE)

How cool is all of that, seriously? Before I start repeating myself, check out my euphoric breakdown of the trailer. 

 From the looks of the NSFW trailer, Reynolds and Director Tim Miller are clearly set on delivering a real Deadpool movie. Full of death, blood, swear words, ridiculous insults and, of course, breaking the fourth wall.