Yaya Is A Cosplayer's Best Friend

If you follow cosplay, you know Yaya Han.  Professional cosplayer, model, and pretty much the envy of every cosplayer everywhere.  Yaya recently found herself cast in a negative light in the reality show Heroes of Cosplay, but let's be honest, she probably got the lovely reality-editing treatment and was made to look a thousand times worse than she actually is.

Regardless of your opinion of her as a person, it just has to be said.

Yaya is becoming God's gift to cosplayers.

This past year Yaya launched a pattern line with sewing giant McCall that pretty much made me weep with joy (DAT BODYSUIT THO), and if that isn't enough to give you mad cosplay boner, she just announced that she'll be releasing a line of specialty fabric made specifically for cosplay!


Four-way stretch spandex in various colors and patterns, leather-look and foil fabrics, AND A GORRAM STRETCH FABRIC OF WHITE STARS ON A BLUE FIELD.  FRIGGIN' WONDER WOMAN PANTY FABRIC.  DO YOU KNOW HOW IMPOSSIBLE THAT IS TO FIND?

Hard.  It's hard, okay.

The line is set to launch in spring of 2016.  And I am so excited I could vomit over metallic stretch fabric.