Comic Review/Rant: Amazing Spider-Man #1

*Audible sigh.   

While this book has been getting extremely positive reviews across the interwebs, I refuse to do so. This is Amazing Spider-Man #1. They just had an Amazing Spider-Man #1 last year, which only made it 18 (!) issues.   

I'm sick and tired of publishers throwing a big #1 on covers when they back themselves into a wall with the story. It's lazy storytelling and it's even lazier marketing. It makes me sick to my stomach.   

This is Amazing Spider-Man, the flagship Spider-Man book. We get lame taglines like "his neighborhood just got a lot bigger" and "something something more responsibility."   

Yeah, Peter Parker is still Peter Parker, but douchier.  Labeled a "poor man's Tony Stark" on more than one occasion throughout the book, we get the same PP we did in the last ASM run but the only difference is that Parker Industries is global now. Meh, whatever.   

There just isn't enough change to constitute a "#1" tag. I'm sorry but that's all you need to know about this book. I can't look past it, maybe you can. I'm sick of lazy publishers trying to add cover value by rebooting everything we hold near and dear to our hearts.   

Dan Slott pens a Spider-Man story as he has in the past, it's funny, energetic and makes it feel like a Spider-Man book. Giuseppe Camuncoli's art is fantastic and doesn't miss a beat.   

My favorite aspect of this book -- other than the "you look like Kraven's nipples" joke -- is the beautiful cover by Alex Ross. I'll never get enough of his Marvels and his cover for this book is just beautiful.   

There are some changes, but all in all, this is still Peter Parker and this is still Spider-Man, and while that sounds all good and dandy, that's the problem. We're being told this is something new and fantastic, while it's really just the same thing through and through.