GR COMIC CON 2015: Katrina Law talks 'Nanda Poor Butt' and more

Katrina Law -- swoons -- stopped by Grand Rapids Comic Con for the weekend and was te subject of a Q&A session on the main stage. 

The actress known for her roles as Mira in "Spartacus: Blood and Sand/Vengeance" and Nyssa al Ghul in "Arrow" was playful and energetic for the entirety of the welcoming Q&A. 

Law dished on topics like her long and ever-changing road to becoming an actress to Arrow co-star Katie Cassidy's inability to say "Nanda Parbat." 

Before landing her breakthrough role as Mira, Law bounced around ideas between being a Cardiologist, Police Officer, Dancer, Physical Therapy and Marine Biology. 

She talked about how she quickly landed the role after the Spartacus crew failed to find their Mira overseas. 

"Got the role one day," she said. "Then the next day, I'm packing to leave for four months and head to New Zealand in the blink of an eye." 

Law bounced around between quirky on-set stories, personal experiences and joking around with the crowd. 

One of the stories shared from the Spartacus set was her first passionate makeout scene with the late Andy Whitfield. 

"I was so nervous and just dry-heaving," Law said with a laugh. "I called my fiance, now husband, and he straightened me out. He told me, 'if you don't do this, they will find someone else. Suck it up and just think of me the whole time.'"

This is when the Q&A transitioned to Arrow talk, which resulted in a decent-sized cheer from the crowd in the main stage room at the DeVos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids. Law said some of the biggest transitions from Spartacus to Arrow was "more clothing" and that Vancouver is great and you don't feel trapped there as much as you do with New Zealand. 

One of my favorite takeaways from Law's panel, was the story from a serious scene with Team Arrow after she had just been captured near the tail-end of season three. 

Law said she's sitting there in the cage as Katie Cassidy's character asks if Oliver is going to take Nyssa to Nanda Parbat. But, Cassidy is unable -- unbeknownst to her -- to say Nanda Parbat and instead says "Nanda Poor Butt." Law said they had to shoot the scene like nine or 10 times before finally being able to move on. 

In all, it was a fun Q&A and Law was lovely, very interactive and friendly even with her fans. Also, after getting bailed on by his moderators, Mark Hodges took over as moderator and did a splendid job. 

Also, if you ask Law to do her Nyssa accent, she will blush and roll around on a couch before swiftly changing the topic. Good stuff all around. 

Keep checking back with the Court of Nerds for more stuff from a great weekend at GRCC15!