Intricate breakdown of the new Star Wars Force Awakens trailer

By: Court of Nerds Star Wars Correspondent Joel Paauwe

By the force! Where do we start? I suppose the beginning would be a good place.

Before we get into it, know this is not your typical painstakingly detailed, comprehensive trailer breakdown. This is a very speculative, character – centric look at the trailer.

Peek – a – Boo! There she was. Rey being her little scavenger self inside the belly of an old Super Star Destroyer (presumably from the Battle of Jakku.)

The most interesting part of this opening sequence was the voice over dialogue we hear between Rey, and who we can safely assume is the mysterious Maz Kanata. When Maz says "Who are you?" and Rey's only response is "I'm no one," perhaps it is to setup Rey’s journey of becoming someone significant throughout the film, or her coming to terms with her real identity.

The big question is why a lowly scavenger would have anything to do with this adventure. From what we’ve seen, it appears as though she helps Finn escape the First Order, but what’s in it for her? Somehow they both end up on the Millennium Falcon, which most likely happens as a result of Han & Chewie swooping down on Jakku in the Falcon.

Han’s motivation for coming to Jakku is a mystery in itself. Finn being Han’s son is still possible. Rey’s accent, however, lessens the possibility of her being a Skywalker or Solo, but time will tell.

Let's talk more about Finn.  It is clear now that he is blatantly defecting from the First Order. What isn't clear, however, is his reasoning for doing so. He says in the trailer that he was "raised to do one thing" but now he's "got nothing to fight for." Well, from the looks of it, that "one thing" may have been to serve the First Order, but something happens. Something makes him believe that he has no reason to serve the First Order. It’s almost as though something is pulling him away from it. This can be attributed to the fact that he is force sensitive and hasn’t realized his connection to the force until now.

Someone speaks to him through the force, and that someone could very well be Luke Skywalker.

Speaking of the Skywalkers, this psycho might actually be one.

“Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish …what you started.” 

This was the first time we’ve heard Kylo Ren’s voice, and it almost confirms his motivation. “Vader’s fanboy” has been kicked around a lot when describing the character, and now there may be a good reason for it.

It’s entirely possible that Kylo may actually be the estranged son of Luke Skywalker, and the grandson of Anakin Skywalker. Kylo, however, remembers Anakin as Darth Vader and is holding onto that to fuel his plans of resurrecting the dark side and dominating the galaxy.

Kylo also likely feels the need to fill the role that Luke never did, and feels that it is time to take on Vader’s mantle. He either refuses to accept, or is purely clueless to the fact that Luke actually redeemed Vader. All Kylo Ren knows is what is being taught to him by the illusive Supreme Leader Snoke.

This could be exactly why Luke went into hiding. He knew that as the last of the Jedi, he was outnumbered two to one, until he feels Finn’s presence in the force, and calls upon him to follow his true destiny.

Finally, let’s take a look at the big picture. It’s now clear to us that this film will essentially be showing us that the First Order is the Galactic Empire reborn, complete with a superweapon that’s actually a planet. See the top right corner of the official poster:

Though this all might sound very reminiscent of the Galactic Civil War era of the original trilogy, something is different and more terrifying. The Resistance is fighting the biggest battle of the past 30 years, and is up against an enemy that has risen from the ashes of the old Galactic Empire, and is thirsty for merciless revenge.

Whatever goes down, we know it will be some serious business.

Why else would Han and Leia be having another “I love you...” “…I know” moment?

This trailer was nothing but epic, and I firmly believe that the film will be as well. Many have expressed concern over it being too much too soon, but I say bring it.  December 17 can’t come quick enough.