TV Review: The Flash Season 2 Episode 1

Not gonna lie – I’ve been more excited for the premiere of Flash Season 2 than I have for any other fall show. ANY. OTHER.

This show had done the seemingly impossible in its first foray: it brought life to comic book visuals and ideas, and it did it without making any of it seem ridiculous. With that sentiment as its backbone, every teaser and every hint on this upcoming season caused fans’ excitement to reach a fever pitch, and the first episode delivered whole-heartedly. 

oh hey there guys!

oh hey there guys!

The opening, featuring fan-favorites Captain Cold (spouting terrible puns and freeze gun) and Heatwave, was just delightful – the perfect palate cleanser for a too-long offseason of the show. Too bad the cheery-heroing didn’t last.

Since the singularity, Barry has been trying to be the hero Central City needs…alone. Seeing him trying to single-handedly put the city back together (figuratively and literally) is sad, especially when we see the lives all his friends are leading. Cisco is working with the CCPD along with Joe West. Iris is a hot-shot reporter. Caitlin has a job at Mercury Labs, complete with the newest doo-dads money can buy. And yet Barry, for whom the city wants to celebrate as the Flash, wants to remain out of the spotlight and atoning for his self-conceived sins.

Without any spoilers, the singularity dismantling resulted in a seeming tragedy (one that may be addressed in the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ series…), and Barry blames himself alone. However, when Atom Smasher comes to party (played by former WWE star Edge) Barry gets his ass thoroughly kicked, and the gang gets back together. 

Prepared to get speared, Flash

Prepared to get speared, Flash

The ending sees brief teases on both the Big Bad this season, and a character alluded to in last year’s finale. It’s REAL good, y’all.

The only downside of this episode was the final fight with Atom Smasher, which proved anticlimactic in nearly every facet. Sure, the tease was nice, but no other question was answered, and the fight REALLY left something to be desired.

And yet, with all the Easter Eggs, character welcoming (including a triumphant moment for the Allens, as well as a heart-breaking moment), and suit-improvement (yeah, I needed that spiffed up Flash logo BADLY), it was still a fantastic episode.