Thank you.

It’s simple, sure, but it is the most complete, accurate statement about how we feel right now.

A few months ago, we set out to create this website - We wanted a digital home to write what we wanted to about comics, movies, TV and games. We wanted our podcast to have a worthy home as we’ve accumulated close, personal friends from around the nerdy industries. So with a gracious amount of help from our fearless leader, this website was born. But, much like a newborn child fresh from the womb, it was only beautiful to the people who gave it life.

Enter our friend Jared from Things That Make Marks.

Think of Jared as that doctor who gets the job of cleaning up a gross infant and handing it back to proud parents while saying, “Here’s your beautiful baby!” This is EXACTLY what Jared did for us: he created a whole new logo and the look for us that you see today. Jared spent time with us, got to know us, and provided an AMAZING site, designs for ad materials and did so much more that we didn’t even know we needed. So of course, we needed to pay the man! This expense, coupled with the costs of maintaining the website and a drive to provide better, more consistent content for YOU led us to launch a GoFundMe.

We set our hopes high - We had designs for shirts and a potential storefront on this very site dancing in our eyes. We were getting one step closer to our dreams of this site and this phenomenally talented group of writers, podcasters, producers and cosplayers garnering the attention they so very much deserve. Jared at TTMM stepped up once again, designing graphics for our fundraising efforts and helping us brainstorm the rewards. If we haven’t made this obvious enough yet, if you need web or graphics work done, Jared is the man; We cannot say that enough.

After a month of bothering you with our posts, tweets and pleas….we hit our goal. In fact, honestly, We surpassed our expectations. Our jaws hit floors all across the country in our various homes when we saw that we had reached the goal. People had donated anonymously to help us. 1 beautiful, wonderful, kind, loving, supportive human had helped with a large amount. Our friends, family and the internet had rallied behind us. It felt better than pulling the last issue you need to complete a run out of the dollar box in 9.8 condition.

All that being said, please know that this is only the beginning for The Court Of Nerds. With the funds raised, we will be able to sell our limited edition first run of shirts and buttons. We will be able to open a storefront on the site for ourselves at first, with the idea to expand that store in the future. We will be looking into the costs for mobile recording equipment to provide live, on location broadcasts from comic shops for special events, comic cons and well...bars, because nerds love beer. It’s science.

We are overwhelmed by your generosity. We are honored by your faith in us. We are humbled by your help. And we will not let you down.

Thank you.