Rant For Rant's Sake: Leiagate

So, apparently, Disney, having all rights to Star Wars, has decided that Princess Leia's metal bikini look is taboo and will no longer be available for merchandise.

As one of those dirty feminists, part of me is like, well, it WAS a sexualization of a character that didn't need to be sexualized.  So...


All of these people in an uproar COMPLETELY missed the point of why that bikini is important.  No, not because of the epidemic of adolescent boners it has caused over the decades, but because of what is symbolizes.

Leia didn't choose that outfit.  Her captor did.  Her captor put her into the outfit and role of a demure little sex slave, arguably, something that a LOT of male creators have done to a LOT of attractive female characters over the years.

But Leia didn't want to be a demure little sex slave.  She took her very own chains and MURDERED HER CAPTOR in that metal bikini.  She made that bikini the clothing of a fucking WARRIOR instead of a sex toy.  Leia and her bikini sent a message to girls and women everywhere that you can look like a man's fantasy and be his nightmare at the same time, and that's empowering as fuck and I will FIGHT you, Helen.

Slave Leia?  More like Leia the HuttSlayer.  ALL HAIL THE HUTTSLAYER.