Comic Book Review: Carnage #1 and 2

Gerry Conway's return to a regular series was full of weird ... good weird. 

On my last appearance on the podcast, -- HERE ----> -- I was bummed that Conway's return was on a character like Carnage. But, I'm not afraid to admit when I am wrong, and boy was I. 

Books No. 1 and 2 are weird, violent, psychotic and clever. Mike Perkins' art plays right into that feeling with his work feeling like it's right out of a horror movie. From the dark shadows to the blood to the terrified facial expressions as Carnage kills an entire diner full of patrons; he knocked it out of the park. 

The writing was just as solid as the art, which shouldn't surprise anyone when a bonafide legend like Conway is in charge.  

Conway, you know, the guy who killed Gwen Stacy at the age of 19 (!), blesses us with a clinically insane, self-conscious monster Cletus Kasady, widely known as Carnage. 

The first book deals with "The One that Got Away," as Carnage looks to track down the lone survivor, Manny Calderon, from a past mass attack on a school. While Carnage is on a blood-thirsty hunt trying to track Manny down, Eddie Brock, John Jameson and Manny are trying to trap Carnage to take him down. Conway's incarnation of Brock is one of my favorite aspects of the first issue. 

Brock, who has the toxin symbiote but needs it to be activated by Manny, hangs out in the background begging like a hungry Hyena for the group to activate Venom.  There's a panel where Brock is breaking down the differences between this current symbiote and the OG one. 

He describes the creation of the new symbiote as: "I'm kind of my own grandfather." 

This first book got me so excited, that I went out and bought the second after finishing up. 

I am honestly still blown away at what Conway has done with Carnage. It's so much more than just another gory, Carnage-y storyline. We get to see Carnage as the hunted -- while also doing some hunting himself -- and it really adds a nice layer to the character. Both groups think they have each other where they want them, and it makes for some high-tension scenes. 

I mean, you have the FBI teaming with goddamn Eddie Brock tracking Carnage throughout an eerie cave. Book No. 2 is where we get a beautiful little Easter egg after it is discovered that someone is sabotaging the cave-hunt from the surface. 

I don't want to give it away, but it has something to do with John Jameson and it's pretty neat. 

My feelings exactly

My feelings exactly

If you're a fan of horror movies, this book is for you. It's got that new-age horror movie feel to it, and I'm so happy that Conway is back in charge. He and Perkins are starting this series on one hell of a bright spot. 

Go grab these books and hop on the bandwagon. I had no idea I would enjoy these so much.