Breakdown of the Star Wars Force Awakens Character Posters

Written by Joel Paauwe, Court of Nerds Star Wars Correspondent

So, by now you’ve probably seen the new -- simply AWESOME -- character posters for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

Not only do they look great, but they also give us a potentially HUGE clue.

Just take a look at them and let it sink in a little.

For some reason, Finn, Rey, Kylo, and Han are covering up their right eye with their respective weapons. Leia is standing behind some sort of holomap that is also partially covering her right eye.

This could be nothing, but that’s doubtful.

What we’re looking at here could actually be something that’s revealing a connection that these characters share. The most logical explanation is that they are all, in fact, related.

As with all that has come before, these posters give us more questions than answers.

Are we now looking at the fact that Finn, Rey, and Kylo are all Solos?

It very well could be, but we’ll all find out for sure next month!