Closer look at the shiny International Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer

Written by Court of Nerds Star Wars Correspondent Joel Paauwe

Holy Bantha balls!

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, something else drops!

By now, you’ve probably seen the new The Force Awakens international trailer plastered all over the internet, so let’s talk about it.

Now, while this trailer featured a lot of new footage, it also featured a lot of the same footage as the U.S. trailer. For this reason, we’ll be primarily turning our targeting computers to new information that’s been given to us.

The trailer opens up with the familiar “Who are you?” ...  “I’m no one” dialogue between Maz Kanata and Rey.

This time, however, Rey is standing in front of what we can assume is the same super star destroyer wreckage she is spelunking; Jakku style in the U.S. trailer.

The shots that follow are of her and BB-8. She asks “Where do you come from?”

A strong possibility is Rey actually finds BB-8 hiding out inside the wreckage.

The biggest clue in this trailer is Rey’s next piece of dialogue.

“I know all about waiting ... for my family”

BOOM! Goes the thermal detonator.  Another massive clue!

As if signs haven’t pointed to it already, this installment of the saga is clearly based around the fact that it is a continuation of the Skywalker/Solo family legacy.

Alas, this yet again leaves us with more questions than answers.

Who is Rey waiting for? Han? Luke?

It might even be a dysfunctional family situation where she is hiding from her neurotic twin brother Kylo. That’s pee-pants scary.

Pee pants time.

“I will fulfill our destiny. I will finish what you started.”

Hmm. So now it’s our destiny.

A small line of dialogue, but one with huge implications. This could be further confirming the possibility that Kylo is a descendent of Vader (Anakin Skywalker for the good guys out there).

This adds volumes to the scary factor for so many reasons.

The biggest of which is that Kylo is straight up crazy and disillusioned. He’s pissed that the prophecy of the chosen one didn’t pan out like he wanted it to. He has tunnel vision of the old Empire’s goal of the complete elimination of the Jedi, and galaxy wide oppression.

This might seem like old news, or history repeating itself, but it will be anything but.  

The old Galactic Empire’s main goal was galaxy - wide order and enforcing Imperial law.

The First Order stands for something much different – Revenge.

Those who refuse to join their cause will be eliminated, family included.

But hey, at least Chewie is there to save the day and blow shit up!

At least we end on a happy note with Maz saying “Hope is not lost today. It is found.”

This trailer was unexpected, but a welcome surprise. It gave us even more clues on where the next chapter in the saga is headed, and gives us much more to theorize and speculate.

That’s the fun part after all!

Much better than peeing your pants, but there will be plenty of that on opening night as well.