Comic Book Review: Citizen Jack #1

You don’t want to root for Jack Northworthy.

Jack’s a failed husband, a lousy son, and incompetent mayor, and the dude for some reason is aligning himself with a large, horrifying demon named Marlinspike (which is as close to a CS Lewis-type demon name as one can get).

And yet, we can’t help but let this dude get us Jacked Up. 

Sam Humphries plants sympathetic seeds throughout the premiere issue of Citizen Jack, as the protagonist is constantly reminded of what he’s done wrong, and how he can’t possibly do anything right. It’s that constant barrage of failure that pushes Jack to make a deal with Marlinspike to achieve what he perceives to be the highest, and most respect-worthy, position in his beloved United States: the President.

Of course, in Humphries’ tale, things don’t simply go from point A to point B, so Northworthy has to be broken down before he can start to rise. And really, that’s Humphries’ strength here: he knows where he wants Jack to go, and it’s the unexpected journey that shines NEARLY as much as the intense, emotionally-charged dialogue. The father/son confrontation was especially cringe-worthy.

And if the writing wasn’t good enough, Tommy Patterson absolutely KILLS it artistically. Jack looks desperate, worn-down, and pathetic in every appearance, his ex-wife alternates between pity and scorn, his father is a craggy and powerful sumbitch, and good grief – his Marlinspike is fucking TERRIFYING. 

pants, prepare thyself to be soiled 

pants, prepare thyself to be soiled 

Alternately hysterical and scary-as-shit, Humphries and Patterson knock issue one out of the park, and being privy to issue two, I can say this series is headed in some BONKERS directions. CAN’T. WAIT. 

THE LOWDOWN: I'm giving this issue 8 out of 10 pelvic thrusts. It was engaging, well-thought-out, and as creepy as it was funny. It's a fun premise that leaves a lot of room for shenanigans. Go pick it up.