Spoiler-free review: 'Star Wars: Episode VII- The Force Awakens'

Somewhere, in a movie theater not that far away, millions of nerds can be heard emptying their lungs in the most satisfying sigh of relief known to man. 

'Star Wars: Episode VII- The Force Awakens' did exactly what it needed to, to be considered a success, and then some. 

Director J.J. Abrams somehow pieced everything together and presented it in a fun, recognizable and understandable manner. The Force Awakens never feels like just a cash-grab or meaningless trip down memory lane, but a real movie that actually has a reason to exist. 

We are introduced to the new main characters -- Daisy Ridley's Rey and John Boyega's Finn -- in the same style as we were Han Salo and Luke Skywalker in "A New Hope," but it somehow doesn't feel like a rip-off. Hell, we get introduced to Adam Driver's Kylo Ren nearly the same way we were introduced to Darth Vader. 

Abrams has mastered the art of mixing nostalgia, cameos, influence with new twists and plot points, as he has shown now in Star Trek and The Force Awakens. This man has cemented himself on this Nerd's Mount Rushmore. 

Some of The Force Awaken's shots were so beautiful that I caught myself saying "damn" out loud. I mean, seriously, this is a beautifully shot movie. Some of the action scenes look a little clumsy at times -- specifically Rey's first major action scene -- but it's nothing too distracting. 

John Williams remains the man, carry on. Harrison Ford is still my personal hero, and Abrams has made me fall in love with Rey and Finn. I love the development of Finn's character, and I was absolutely hooked on his introduction storyline, which consumes a large portion of the first half or so of the film. 

This movie was worth the hype, wait and cautiously optimistic feelings among the legions of fans. Don't wait to see this. As for the 3D, I saw it at an average to below-average theater in Jackson, Mich. at 11 p.m. Thursday -- with a total of 12 people (!!!!!!!) in the theater -- and thought the 3D was fine, but definitely plan on checking it out in IMAX. 

Let out that sigh of relief, this one is a blast. 

I'm going to start a new grading system for these movie reviews:

Nerd Grade: A. Normal Person Grade: B+