Colton Haynes opens up about 'crippling anxiety' in series of Tweets

When I saw Colton Haynes Tweets concerning his anxiety late last night, it didn't really resonate with me until this morning. The dreamy actor -- mostly known for playing Roy Harper on Arrow and Jackson Whittemore on Teen Wolf -- opened up about his battle with "crippling anxiety" in a series of tweets.

He says it has caused him to miss out on personal and professional opportunities since he was a fifth-grader.   

Before I continue, here are the embedded Tweets: 

As someone who suffers from anxiety, this pulls right at my tear chords and really touches me. 

Here is some dreamy actor essentially chiseled from stone, who on the outside and on social media comes off as the most confident and outgoing person that has been hospitalized due to his anxiety. 

The Arrow star is trending all over the web, and the outpouring of support from the Twitterverse has been touching.

It's hard for people without anxiety to truly grasp what it means, as Haynes said, it's not a rut or a case of "being dramatic" but a mental illness that needs to be treated the same way a sprained ankle would. Haynes has accomplished so much in his young acting career and I personally hope this public pouring of his heart and mind  only helps him in his life and career. 

Let us not forget that these people portraying the heroes we hold so dear are, in fact, still people.

It can happen to anyone, yes, even Abercrombie and Fitch models so, no, Colton you are not alone in this battle.