Comic Book Review: The righteously beautiful 'Jacked' #1

The next time you're sprawling through your local shop and dragging those grubby niblets looking for a solid title to take home and caress, look no further than Vertigo's "Jacked."

If I were to suggest any title for a new reader, it would be this one. It has everything, crude humor, relatable plot, art that pops and some of the best single-page panels I've seen in a long time. 

I'm really not trying to overhype this book written by Erik Kripke with art done by the inhuman John Higgins, but I can't slow the hype train down. The first issue hit shelves Nov. 25 and is the first in a six-issue miniseries. 

Our main character, Josh, is a normal dude in his 40s; he has boring sex, got laid off due to downsizing, has bad knees and suffers from acid reflux. I want all aspiring comic writers and artists to take notes on the first 5-6 pages of this issues because I can't remember an opening sequence/introduction to a character that I've enjoyed more. 

We get a beautiful full page painful of the hairy dad bod that is Josh as Higgins highlights his bad knee, weak back and other downfalls of the common man. 


Josh is a sad man and does a very sad thing, at least on the surface. After a chat with his overachieving brother -- and after he watches "Cockman and Titgirl" while pleasuring himself -- he searches the internet for "Nootropic" and stumbles upon the "Jacked" pills. 

The ad for "Jacked" reads: "Lost your spark? Stuck in a rut? Not living up to your potential? There's still time to change! You can still be great! Get ....

JACKED "The Secret of Success."

Josh is sold on this advertisement, orders the pills and starts poppin' them sonsabitches a couple days later. After life carries on as usual, Josh experiences some acid-like trips and finds the feeling -- and his soon to be discovered super powers -- addicting. 

In the interest of getting you people to read this book, that's where I'll stop. Kripke's writing feels like a television show or movie, which makes sense considering his background, and it works magnificently. 

We get to know this sad man in such an effective way that I'm itching to freeze myself, so I don't have to lull through the pain of waiting for the next issue. 

Me waiting for Jacked #2

Me waiting for Jacked #2

So, instead of buying another Spider-Man title or a book that's had two #1's in 12 months, pick up this book and you won't regret it. 

Rating: 10/10 My favorite #1 of the year, and most likely my favorite book of the year. It's smart, it's vulgar, it's like Deadpool meets Crank meets ... Rick and Morty? I don't know it just has this beautiful, disgusting, improvisational feel to it.