Comic Book Review: The Sheriff of Babylon #1

Whoa, Vertigo is doing great things right now. 

The Sheriff of Babylon, by Tom King and Mitch Gerads, while much different than last week's Vertigasm in Jacked #1. 

Babylon is super hardcore. Like, there were panels that forced me to go "whoa" and mutter "holy shit" under my breath. The story is powerful, and the art is terrifyingly beautiful. 

Gerads, who is the co-creator and artist, absolutely freaking killed it. Literally and figuratively (because a lot of people die). The deaths don't only resonate you, but they really mean something to the plot because of the intense nature in which Gerads shows us. 

The plot set in Iraq shortly following the fall of Baghdad revolves around the lives and happening in three different main characters.  Christopher a military man training Iraqis in an opening scene that shows you right off the bat that this first issue in an eight-issue miniseries is not messing around. 

Here's a hint: The training is not going well. King does a fantastic job with the simple dialogue from Chris and Gerads nails the motions and facial expressions. 

This leads into a pretty dark and gripping scene when Chris confronts a young girl with a bomb strapped to her chest in a tent on the base. Yeah, I'm not going to spoil this scene because it's one of those moments in comics where it feels like you're watching something you're so immersed in the story. I know I didn't see what happened coming. 

The panels with Sofia talking to the four men are just amazing. Four separate conversations presented at the same time; and it works, flows and makes sense. This is a powerful, cutting story that remains easy to follow thanks to the great combination of an intense plot with the intense art to match. 

This one is a must-grab. Vertigo is killing it right now. 

Rating: 9/10 Tom King is a rising star. Take note. Mitch Gerads somehow keeps getting better. Buy this series.