Lists For List Sake: The Strongest There Is

Ranking Super Strength Heroes

Like the Speedster list before, I will rank heroes whose primary power is their super strength. This is hard, due to the fact that if you do not have invulnerability you may break all the bones in your hand punching something no matter how strong you are. Thus invulnerability or some variation of super toughness will be lumped into this list as well. Again, multi-powered beings are excluded. (Looking at you Hyperion!) Without further hesitation, let us bash out a list of heavy hitters:

The Main Man

The Main Man

  1. Lobo – The Main Man (Pre New 52) I know what you’re gonna say, “but Lobo isn’t a hero, he’s a mercenary!” Shut your gob you bastich! I’m making the list and the “Main Man” is headlining it. Plus you can't get "anti-hero" without "hero." He may not have the nicest manners, or the moral code, or well… damn it. Fine, he’s not hero, but nor is he a bad guy. Okay sometimes he’s a bad guy. ...OKAY, most of the time he’s a bad guy, but he’s doing it for money and that is a… reason. He is essentially the 1970’s and 1980’s hyper-actualized; He’s space Rambo, which is a helluva lot better than Emo New 52 Lobo. He can almost go toe-to-toe with Superman. He rides a motorcycle in space without a helmet. He’s always ready to attend a KISS concert.

  2. The Hulk – Bruce Banner (Earth – 616) Hulk dislikes puny Banner. Hulk hates Illuminators who shot Hulk into space. Hulk likes Haikus. The Hulk is the original rage-quitter. He will always fight when backed into a corne -- and often when he isn’t -- but wants to be left alone more than anything. He just gets stronger the angrier he gets, but knows when to turn it down a notch if a Joss Whedon-written red-head is around.

  3. Ben Grimm – The Thing (Earth – 616) I, dear reader, am here to tell you that Ben Grimm does indeed have an orange dork despite what the new FF movie showcased. The ever-loving, blue-eyed Thing is one of the most beloved Marvel heroes of all time - His strength is his heart. His vulnerability is also his heart… and Jonny Storm. He is a terrific uncle, great statue for pigeons, and manic depressive about losing his humanity.

  4. Luke Cage – Power Man (Earth – 616) Power Man has the most innocuous name ever. (There I said it) He’s also the baby daddy of Jessica Jones, so that makes up for it. He used to be best buds with Iron Fist, but you know what happens when one of you has a kid and the other is off still being a mystic martial artist.  He has nearly impenetrable skin and the strength to rival that of Colossus. Speaking of…

  5. Piotr Rasputin – Colossus (Earth – 616) Everyone’s favorite Ruskie, Piotr is a mutant who possess the gift to turn his skin an organic steel which more than doubles his weight and makes him taller. Good thing it makes him strong too, otherwise getting around might be a problem. He mainly hangs with the X-Men and has been known to throw a small Canadian like a baseball from time to time.

  6. Big Barda – (Crisis of Infinite Earths - Final Crisis) If you looked like Big Barda and partnered with Mister Miracle, why wouldn’t you settle down in the suburbs of Connecticut? She was part of the Female Furies, the Justice League, and the Birds of Prey. She’s strong as Wonder Woman and knows how to handle a “mega-rod.” Not sure if her and Scott are still alive in the DCYou.

  7. Samson – Samson (All-Star Superman) A time traveling strongman, Samson seems to be modeled on the ancient biblical legend of Samson, whose long locks of hair gave him his strength. He's not really good or bad, just a giant meat-head. He also seems utterly infatuated with Lois Lane. Superman breaks his arm and that’s the last we hear about that.

  8. Atlas – Atlas (New Earth) Atlas, the ancient Greek hero and conqueror, was pulled through time by Project 7734's Time Pool technology at the behest of General Samuel Lane. Lane wanted Atlas to work for him against alien threats like Superman. Atlas was distrustful at first, but ultimately agreed. He fought Superman to a standstill, and is Project 7734's go-to asset whenever Lane wants someone "roughed up.” Come to think of it, he tends to fall on the bad side most of the time. What's he doing on this list?

  9. Jennifer Walters – She Hulk (Earth – 616) Of course Bruce Banner donated blood to his sick cousin. I mean, how was he to know what it would do to her? Good thing she keeps all her faculties when she transforms, although she seems to have a greater sexual appetite when she does - Gives the whole sexy lawyer thing a bit of an edge if you ask me, or Jonny Storm, or Tony Stark, or any of the other countless heroes who have succumbed to her charm. She's more than a plot device, but rarely gets to go solo.

  10. Hercules – Hercules (Earth – 616) I grew to love the adventures of this oafish demigod when he was chumming about with Amadeus Cho and his pet wolf. Cho supplied the brains, Herc supplied the body hair. He has gone toe-to-toe with The Hulk and Thor, and though he never really won, he never really lost either. He will regale you with his past glories wither you want him to or not (just ask the Power Pack), and will drink more wine in one sitting than you do in a year.

  11. Thaddeus Ross – Red Hulk (Earth – 616) Isn’t it ironic that the guy who hunted the Hulk the most became one? No. You think it’s a bit contrived? At least they didn’t spell his name backwards now did they, right Kluh? RED HULK IS THE REDDEST THERE IS!

  12. Grey Hulk – Bruce Banner (Earth - 1610) I would have had the Ultimate Hulk much higher on the list if he didn’t get beat up by Power Princess Zarda. He made up for it by sleeping with her after the fight, but he still got beat up by an interdimensional interloper. This is also the same Hulk that ate humans, was worshiped by a village in the Himalayas, and ripped Ultimate Wolverine's body in half so he could chuck the Canuck's legs over a mountain. When evil Reed Richards gives him all his faculties he settles down a bit to his Grey Hulk form. Smart, but still dangerous.

  13. Skaar – Hulk’s bouncing baby boy (Earth – 616) If I had a dime for every love child that came about when I was on an extended vacation off planet I’d have two nickels (/rimshot). All the heroes have their own kids now, so why not Hulk? I’ll tell you why: he’s quite literally the worst parental figure you can think of. Didn’t get your way, my son? Fight it out with the other children. Hulk good dad.

  14. Teen Abomination – Happy Hogan’s boy (Earth – 616) He’s a bit of a villain right? ...What’s he doing on here?

  15. Little Barda – (New 52) Teen Titans get their own not so itty bitty miniature version of Barda.

  16. Blue Hulk – The other, other Hulk (Mini Marvels) He’s Hulk and he’s blue. BLUE HULK IS MORE OF AN INDIGO THAN BLUE!

87. Lobo – The Emo Kid (New 52/DUYou) "Wahhh! I have feelings. My planets dead and I blame myself!" Boo hoo hoo, you Czarnian swizzle. Go away, nobody likes you.