Review: Star Wars: Lando #2

If you can read this book without hearing Billy Dee Williams' smooth sensual voice in your head, well, you're a liar. 

Charles Soule is doing an excellent job bringing out the quintessential scoundrel with storylines that fit Lando to a T. Don't get me started on Alex Maleev's art; I absolutely love the cover to Lando #2 and his work with the lighting kept me hanging on each panel. I am hooked on these books. 

Marvel has been rolling out character-focused books, and it's refreshing to see a beloved -- albeit secondary -- character get some shine. I don't care if these books were intended as solely a Marvel moneygrab; these are fantastic thanks to the writers and artists making them fun. 



The first book was the classic get-to-know-you with the cliffhanger ending. Lando and his compadre Lobot steal a ship that unbeknownst to them is none other than Emperor Palpatine's. Lando is trying to swing one last big job to pay off his debts, and the first two books revolve around this plot. 

Soule's dialogue reads so smoothly and just makes you feel at home with the characters and setting. Lando is a secondary character in the Star Wars galaxy, but it's refreshing to see him land in the hands of a creative combo that knows exactly what to do with him. 

Lando is a smooth-talking, conniving conman who could sell sawdust to a lumberjack and Soule has captured all of these personality traits so meticulously and precise. Everything you know about the character is squeezed in without it being overwhelming. 

You should absolutely grab the first two issues of this miniseries before No. 3 hits the shelves Aug. 26. 

For those who aren't familiar with Soule or Maleev; Soule wrote Death of Wolverine, She-Hulk and Swamp Thing, and many more. Maleev's best work, in my opinion, was his run on Daredevil (Vol. 2). These are two people who clearly connect with the characters they bring to life, and you should buy their books.