Review: Americatown #1

Screenwriters Bradford Winters and Larry Cohen take their shot in the world of comic books in Boom! Studios and Archaia's eight-issue Americatown. 

Winters is known for his work on "Oz" and Cohen from "Phone Booth" and a bunch of horror movies most have never heard of. While the pacing and plot are tight, it's also dense and messy at the same time. 

Americatown sounds like a hard-hitting, controversy story focusing on the hot-topic issue like American/Mexican immigration; the first issue comes up short. wri

The setting of Americatown comes after the United States' economy crashes and Americans are illegally emigrating to foreign countries to find work (SEE?!). We focus on Owen, who is trying to get into Argentina to join his family. 

This book is all about the art from Daniel Irizarri and colors from Matt Battaglia. The colors are all over the place, which is definitely a good thing, and Irizarri's art is a perfect storm. It's beautiful drawn and just fun to look at. 

Americatown sounds like an exciting idea, but it is just missing so much. I want to give the writers a break since this is their first shot at comic books. Sure, you don't want to blow all the excitement in one issue and want to space it out over the first issue, but this book goes absolutely nowhere. 

So, should you buy this?

Fans of art; yes. 

People who believe in second chances; sure. 

Anyone else; pass.

I'm going to try and be patient and give this series another shot. Americatown tries to be this smart think-piece when really it's just a tedious book with poor pacing and some neat art.