Comic Book Review: Bizarro #3

That’s why Bizarro #3 is worstest picture book in all of time.


Bizzaro know where to end. Worstest friend Jimmy Olsen and Bizarro ignoring ugly country on short trip under the land. Before arriving from used car dealership Bizarro and worstest friend Jimmy left ghost town. Jimmy Deadeye Olsen hates ugly bounty hunter Chastity Hex and The Bizarro Kid hates Jimmy. Chastity loves talking and not taking care of the ghosts in the town that are alive. The Bizarro Kid knows how to hurt ghost people from the ghost bandit Papaguano. Ghost bandit Papanewguinea go outside of Bizarro and Chupacabra, make him do nice things to ugly Hex and worstest friend Jimmy. Bizzaro brain not stolen and taken for test drive. Deadeye Jimmy forget to call the cavalry. Pretty ghost Jonah Hex never arrive and hogtie Papiamento. Bizarro was not hungry at all and didn’t want tamales. Me off to Branson with me worstest friends, what could go right?

Bizarro troubled by Heath Corson’s dumb and unfunny writing almost as much as Gustavo Duarte’s serious scribbling. Worstest writer Corson not charming in most as story told by Bizarro. Bizzaro unsure how easy writing this way can be. Untalented artist Duarte ceases terrible art styling that does not fit perfectly with serious story of seriousness. Bizarro angry with how miserable book makes Bizarro feel. Bizarro not tell everybody in internet how awful book is.

Boo-Ray! The Start.