BATTLE DRAFT: Best Hand-to-Hand Fighters in Comics ROUND 3

The purpose of this draft is to identify the best hand-to-hand combatants of the comic book universe. This excludes chemically (Capt America, Deathstroke) or technologically(Midnighter, Deathlok) advanced. It's a 6-round snake draft, which means the order reverses every other round. This took place over the course of a weekend, alcohol was consumed at various points, and a LOT of the chatting between picks didn't make the cut.

View Rounds 1 & 2 HERE

Round 3 picks off with Kevin's pick, and on  Friday we'll have a poll to vote on whose team YOU thought was best!

Kevin - Team Awesome Pants (Karnak, Black Widow)
Emily - Team Throat Punch (Splinter, Mantis)
Droo - Team Classy Kick Assy (Iron Fist, Batman)
Ben - Kraven Some Raven (Kraven the Hunter, Daredevil)
Grant - Groin Annihilators (Karate Kid, Gamora)

K: Filling out the third slot on my roster is the last living Flying Grayson:

11. Dick Grayson – Robin/Nightwing/Agent 37 (New Earth – DCYou)

The original Robin in allot of things that his mentor isn’t: A nice guy. Charismatic. Great Ass. But he also is willing to go that extra step in helping people, which often lands him in trouble. He’s a big risk, big rewards kind of guy who always seems to come out alive in the end (even if the whole world doesn’t know it). He’s quicker and more agile than Batman, though not nearly as tough, and is a master of every martial arts style that Bruce knows mixed with some Zumba just to showcase his assets. He was never as reliant on Fox’s gadgets as Bruce was either, which made him all the more enjoyable in the sack… I mean to watch.

That last point is why I will have him keep tabs on Romanova. He’s loyal and will make sure no funny business takes place unless he’s involved.

(D: Love it.)
(G; FUCK - I wanted Grayson to fall.)
(D: Onto your penis.)
(E: Kevin's entire Grayson explanation was one big orgasm.)
(K: I came twice while writing.)
(E: I knew it.)


12: Cassandra Cain - Batgirl

 Cassandra was raised to kill.  Destined to be groomed to be Ra's Al-Ghul's bodyguard, David Cain pretty much turned Almighty Badass Lady Shiva into an incubator for his murderspawn, and a bouncing baby assassin was born.   Cain wanted her to be so perfect at killing that the only language he taught her was body language and the ability to predict others' actions, which was a douche move and obvs caused major issues for daughter dearest.  

 Look at who this woman trained under.  Cain, Lady Shiva (also, Cassandra defeated her mom, which is pretty fucking cutthroat and impressive considering who Mommy is), and the Goddamn Batman himself.  That's a lot of knowledge in one perfect killing package.

(G: Shit, that was good - I was too focused on Shiva to think of Batgirl)
(D: Oh, it's on now.) 


D: With our 3rd pick, #Surrender2Droom selects....

13. Buffy Summers (Season 8/9)

A lot of female talent is flying off the board but somehow the Slayer herself winds up flanking the Dark Knight and Daniel Rand in this powerhouse posse. #AintNobodyFuckinWitMyClique

Leader of the Scooby Gang, Summers trains tirelessly for whatever big bad the underworld has in store. Although she's viewed as a terrorist by the US Government, they refer to her as a "charismatic, uncompromising and completely destructive" leader. Completely. Destructive. Good with a stake, a sword or her fists, Buffy Summers can just as easily kill a man or make love to him, depending on her mood. Her martial arts training comes from thousands of years of Slayers and the Watchers, themselves possesing vast martial arts knowledge. #GilesWasABadass

Summers also managed to maintain her spot on her high school cheer team, graduate and oh yeah, constantly save the other whiny ass bitches in the Scooby Gang. Except Seth Green's Oz who was a boss. Buffy is a bad lady, she has walked through the fire and let it burn.


14. Orson Randall (Earth-616)

A WWI veteran. Anndddd opium addict. 

He doesn't respect the tag of Iron Fist, he resents it and sees it as a curse. This makes him more dangerous. He resents what he truly is. He hates being thought of as a hero or veteran or the iron fist. 

Danny Rand became what he was because of Orson. He literally let Danny Boy touch his heart and take his power of chi.

 He's fast, he's agile and god damn is he powerful. He can concentrate and harness his power of chi. He's like a mix of Rowdy Roddy Piper and Gandhi. 

 Sure, he's got the bad ads dual wield handguns but he'll set those bad boys down and open up a can of whoop ass. He's a master of  all K'un-Lun. Oh, don't know what that is? Well, don't worry about it because it sounds provocative.

 He knows all martial arts and can kill you with anything within arm's reach. 

(D: ...Was that who you were hoping would drop?? LOL)
(B: Yes...I had to scramble. You stole my sleeper and I had to counter!)
(D: Lots of obscure heroes no one else has heard of for Grant to take off the board...)


G: Does anyone aside from Kevin understand how much fun sandwich picks are?

 15. Lady Shiva 

 Emily and Droo go with the pupils, but I want the teacher. If it seems like every DC hand-to-hand combatant in the DC universe was directly or indirectly trained by Shiva, well, that's because it's true: Shiva is the premiere martial artist in the DCU, and her reputation is well-earned. She's learned a myriad of martial arts and mastered them all, including long-forgotten ones. She reads body language to predict upcoming moves. In fact, whenever Batman needs a skill brush-up he goes to Shiva begging for a training session - dude says she may in fact be the best fighter alive.