Stephen Amell's flirtation with WWE gets juicier

Arrow's Stephen Amell has been flirting with the WWE for the better part of a year now. 

That pesky rabble-rouser Stardust has been stirring the pot and it seems his trash-talk and mocking of Oliver Queen has finally struck a chord. 

After getting in Amell's face at a Monday Night Raw a few months back, Stardust kayfabe crossed the line when he stole Queen's iconic "You have failed this city" line at a recent WWE SmackDown. 

Let me tell you this, for a comic book nerd and lifelong wrestling fan, this is just fantastic news. Usually when a celebrity is teased to hit the WWE ring -- especially at a major show like SummerSlam -- the news is met with eye rolls and nasty comments within the Internet Wrestling Community's message boards.  

When "smarks" hear celebrity match and WWE in the same sentence, they think Lawrence Taylor main eventing WrestleMania 11 or Kevin Federline wrestling John Cena, which was a moment that nearly slaughtered my fandom. 

But, Amell doesn't fall into that category.

First off, he's jacked and shredded like a Greek God.

Amell has been pandering for a spot on Monday Night Raw for a year now, which is a pretty clear indicator that he's a fan, and that's major brownie points.

If rumors hold true, WWE is planning to make the big payoff moment with Stardust a tag team match at SummerSlam. 

This severely protects Amell from botching down the house. It makes sense to pair Neville, "the Man who Gravity Forgot" with Amell. The 28-year-old Englishmen comes to the ring with a cape, his picture is displayed in comic art style and, oh yeah, he calls his finishing move the "Red Arrow." Not to mention the antagonist is more widely known as the late great Dusty "The American Dream" Rhodes' youngest son, Cody Rhodes. 

As for Amell's potential finishing move, a panel of expert judges suggested anything from the classic Green Arrow Boxing Glove Arrow, a mid-rope frog splash called the "Maple Leaf" and, my personal favorite, a remix of DDP's Diamond Cutter the "Shaft Snap."

For what it's worth, WWE is on the west coast until Aug. 11 with tonight's Raw coming live from San Jose, Calif. CW's "Arrow" films in Vancouver, Amell's winery Nocking Point is in Washington's Walla Walla Valley, so you do the math.  

The feud has been built through social media bickering and whatnot, but now seems destined to come to a tipping point on television soon.

Drop a comment down below or on the Court of Nerd's Facebook page to design your own Oliver Queen finishing maneuver.  Or even better, which actor or actress from the world of Nerdom would you like to see step into the squared circle?

Monday Night Raw is live tonight 8 p.m. on the USA Network. Arrow returns to the CW on Oct. 7 this fall.