Lists for List Sake: Casting Iron Fist for Netflix

With 'AKA Jessica Jones' getting closer, and 'Luke Cage' casting and rumors starting to appear more regularly, we're still getting antsy in the Court waiting for any shred of news about Netflix and Marvel's 'Iron Fist' show. 

We KNOW we saw the Steel Serpent's logo in 'Daredevil,' and we KNOW that Madame Gao was alluding to K'un-L'un or another Heavenly City. Yet there hasn't been a shred of definitive casting news, or any juicy bits of story news or filming news or ANYTHING! So, as with an audience watching a horror movie where a monster isn't shown, we've let our imaginations go wild to fill in the blanks. Here's a list featuring actors that I think would make a STELLAR Danny Rand, and it starts with the man most frequently attached to Iron Fist rumors: 

1. Ryan Phillippe: Unaging and handsome? Check. Able to be dramatic, intense, but still show a nice range of emotions? Check. Actual, honest-to-God martial arts training? Check! A slew of Iron Fist-related rumors? DOUBLE-CHECK

Phillippe is 40 years old, but that dude can still pass for late-20s if he needs to, and has enough comedic sensibilities to handle the flippant Danny Rand humor that was showcased in Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction's brilliant run. 

2. Ray Park: This dude's film fighter resume is ridiculous - He was Snake Eyes. He was Darth Maul. He was Toad. He was the Headless Horseman wrecking people's shit in 'Sleepy Hollow.' AND HE WAS CHUCK NORRIS IN 'THE LEGEND OF BRUCE LEE.'

The dude can fight. Also, he's a surprisingly good actor when he's not completely engulfed in costume and makeup, as his runs on 'Heroes' and 'Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever' can attest to. He's the dude that's been the fan-casted Iron Fist for a long, long time, but he's surprisingly only 41 (dude also refuses to age). 

3. Joel Edgerton: He definitely has the acting chops ('Exodus,' 'Gatsby,' and 'the Gift'), but also the fighter pedigree with roles in 'Warrior' and 'Zero Dark Thirty.' He has this dour intensity at times, but he's able to turn on the charm when he needs to, and he also has an aching vulnerability to him that I don't know the other dudes on this list have. He's only 41, and he's my personal choice for Mr. Rand. 

4. Ryan Kwanten - I mean geez, the dude looks like Danny Rand heading to work at the offices of his empire. 

Kwanten is also no stranger to genre programming, as he starred in 'True Blood' for a while, turned in a great vocal performance in 'Legend of the Guardians,' and absolutely destroyed it as Eddie Brock in 'Truth In Journalism.'  The dude is very under-the-radar good, and he would absolutely kill the physicality the role requires. Plus, dude's relatively young at 38. Absolutely solid choice. 

5. Armie Hammer - Look at that handsome sumbitch. LOOK AT HIM! Armie (short for "Armand") is a tall drink of water at 6'5, but has action credits out the wazoo, serving as the only bright spot in the 'Lone Ranger,' a deft swordsman in 'Mirror Mirror,' a Russian super spy in 'the Man From UNCLE,' and the dude was cast as freaking BATMAN in George Miller's starcrossed 'Justice League Mortal' film. 

Of all the gentlemen listed, Hammer probably has the most talent for humor, and is young enough (only 29) to play Iron Fist for a LONG period of time. I think his boyish charm makes him the most endearing choice, and would be an absolute coup for Marvel to ink him to a deal. 

6. Zac Efron - Yeah yeah yeah, I also think it is patently ridiculous for this guy to be on this list, especially on the heels of his absolute turd-nado 'We Are Your Friends,' which bombed hellaciously at the box office. 

However, the dude is now Ryan-Reynolds-jacked, and like Reynolds, his film career has been a series of turds - which leaves him quite available for a comic book property that can utilize his skills. The dude can play charming, angsty, and comic. His performances in 'Hairspray' and 'Teen Musical' showcase his agility via dancing, and his range of emotions. He's not that bad of an actor, and in the right scenario he maybe be a pleasant surprise for Marvel, Netflix, and viewers.