Lists For List Sake: 5 Actors Not Named Tyrese Who Should Play Green Lantern

Many comic fanboys seem adamantly opposed to their favorite heroes being portrayed by popular pretty boy actors (Looking at you Gambit Tatum). One such rumor that seems to have turned the nerdverse on it’s head: Fast and Furious franchise mouthpiece Tyrese Gibson is attempting to force his way into the role of Green Lantern John Stewart in DC’s upcoming Green Lantern Corps.

However, Stewart is beloved by many after being the primary Lantern in the popular Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited animated series, so there should be more candidates for such a plum part; Who else should play the role?

Well I’m glad I asked becauses here’s a list of 5 other actors who could possible play the part better. (Some names were left off the list due to their confirmed parts in other comic book properties, such as veteran actor D.B. Woodside being cast in the upcoming TV show Lucifer.)

  1. Isaiah Mustafa


  • The former Old Spice pitch man? ABSOLUTELY. Physically, he fits the role of John Stewart like a custom adjusted power ring. Standing nearly 6’ 4”, the star of some of the best commercials of the decade would come in to the production hungry and looking to make John Stewart his breakout role. It would also allow DC to lock Mustafa in for multiple films, allowing him to join up with the Justice League or team up with The Flash or (in my wildest dreams) appear on the CW hit, Arrow alongside Stephen Amell. The potential catch? Mustafa recently signed on for a role in ABC Family’s adaptation of the best selling book series The Mortal Instruments called Shadowhunters. For those not keeping score at home, ABC Family is owned by the Walt Disney Company who also owns Marvel and would likely block the actor from doing a DC film.


2. Michael Kenneth Williams


  • This incredibly talented actor would be a big score for the DC filmverse. Williams has been in some of the more iconic TV shows of the past 2 decades, including Alias, The Wire and Boardwalk Empire. His gruff voice would give John Stewart instant command over a room and make him stand out as a leader for the Green Lantern Corps. Even his signature facial scar plays into the character. However the big concern when it comes to Williams is his age. Already 48 years old, Williams would be 53 when Green Lantern Corps releases in 2020.


3. Roger R. Cross


  • Cross is certainly no stranger to the sci fi genre. He’s appeared in damn near everything, from The X-Files to Stargate SG-1 to  X2: X-Men United to the forgettable made for TV movie Nick Fury: Agent of Shield. Cross more recently can be seen in the hit show The Strain. His voice has that calming authority vibe to it and his on-screen presence is also commanding. Cross could fit very well into the suit of a Green Lantern. The hold up with him? DC might be worried about fans of Arrow recognizing Cross as Detective Lucas Hilton. DC has made it very clear that they have no plans to create a shared universe between their movie and TV properties and this might blur the line a little too much for the suits upstairs. Which leads me to my next nominee.


4. David Ramsey


  • First things first, Ramsey hails from DETROIT, so he would have had my vote to begin with. The talented actor has been in Blue Bloods, Dexter and...ahhhh screw it. He plays the beloved John Diggle in The CW’s megahit Arrow and it’s why I freaking love him. DC really seems to be blowing it here, with the chance to make an already beloved character something even more. Diggle has become part of comic book canon and with the constant Easter Eggs being dropped on Arrow and its sister show The Flash pointing towards a Green Lantern, many assumed Diggle was a cover name and that John’s real last name would be revealed as Stewart. While I still feel STRONGLY that David Ramsey is one of the best possible actors to play the role of John Stewart, DC has all but said it isn’t gonna happen.


5. Michael B. Jordan

  • “B-b-b-ut he’s Johnny Storm!” Yeah, for now. Here’s how this all goes down, if I am right, which I rarely am: Fantastic Four will bomb so massively that FOX cancels the sequel and releases all 4 actors from their contracts. DC sees this and instantly calls Jordan because the man is one of the single best actors out there right now and yet again fits the physical build for John Stewart. Well, ok, maybe add like 20 lbs of muscle but whatever, it can be done. Then FOX, realizing that they have no clue what they’re doing, gives the Fantastic Four back to Marvel like Sony did with Spidey which opens the door for Old Man Logan to get made into a movie.


I live in a fantasy world you guys. It’s lonely here.


That being said, Jordan would make a GREAT John Stewart.