Euphoric breakdown of the Deadpool trailer

Ignore that family-friendly trailer, but pay close attention to the utterly repugnant, vile and glorious NSFW Deadpool trailer. 

Maybe the excitement surrounding the upcoming Deadpool movie is the fact that its existence has been teased for the better part of a decade. 

Maybe because it's rated R. 

Maybe it's because the trailers are showing us the version of the "Merc with a Mouth" we all deserve. 

Enjoy the trailer, and yes it really is NSFW, so plug those earbuds in and shift your screen away from nearby eyeballs. Stick with me after watching to read director Tim Miller's comments on the trailer and my life-altering breakdown.  


From "You look like Freddy facefucked a topographical map of Utah" to a dig at his Green Lantern flop with "Don't make the suit green ... or animated," this trailer showed us a Deadpool that didn't make us want to curl up in a ball or continue complaining about how much we think the Fantastic Four movie is going to suck. 

Director Tim Miller gave a detailed breakdown of the trailer with Empire Online, and it has me in such a euphoric state that I see Jason Momoa's face when I close my eyes.

First off, it sounds like we get a mild origins story without this being "Hey! This is why this is this and how it came to be and here's what he was like when he wasn't this."

Regarding the scene with Wade and Vanessa: Miller says "We flash backwards and forwards in time throughout the movie, so this scene of Wade before he’s Deadpool doesn’t necessarily come as early as you’d think.We meet Wade before he’s met Vanessa, when he’s a kind of small-time mercenary. Then he meets her and falls in love, and then they learn he’s got cancer."

Breakdown: I like the sounds of this a lot. This is how you sell a background story without slapping origins story all over it. Vanessa is a key cog in witnessing Wade Wilson's insane morph into Deadpool. It's a part of his story that is often overlooked, so I'm glad to see it included. 

On the "Don't give me a green suit" jab: "For the most part, we try to stick to the rule that Wade Wilson can’t break the fourth wall. He’s not aware that he’s in a movie. Deadpool is. He only breaks the fourth wall when he’s Deadpool. So we’re tiptoeing on the edge of breaking our own rule there, because he’s still Wade at that point. We shot a few more Green Lantern jokes, but I’m not sure how many will survive the cut. Ryan definitely had some Green Lantern issues to work out. We had about a minute’s worth of dialogue between him and Colossus where he talks about it, like, 'So a guy comes with a thousand-dollar suit and says, "We want you to play a superhero," but there’s no script yet and the release date is completely unmakeable…'"

Breakdown: Give me all the Green Lantern jokes, plz. This is gold, and shows that Miller has a clear train of thought on how he wants to portray Wade Wilson and Deadpool. Mocking terrible comic book movies that made a bagillion-kazillion dollars is a favorite pastime in Nerdom. 

The famous bridge scene from the original leak: "He’s sitting on the bridge waiting for Ajax. It’s Christmas Day, and Wade’s been waiting for Ajax to get out of prison for five years, because he thinks Ajax can fix his face. So this is the day Ajax gets out of the Supermax, and Wade’s just sitting there on the bridge, waiting for him to get out and drive by, so he can beat the shit out of him."

Breakdown: Not much needed to be said here. This scene is obviously awesome. The leak of the scene is the reason we're all freaking out and pissing ourselves in anticipation.

Miller dropped his most prophetic hard-hitting truthbomb right out of the gate in this article, "Everyone hates what they did to Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but nobody blames Ryan for it."

Honestly, how rare is that? Not only has Reynolds dodged the hate from Origins but this is the same guy who starred in the cinematic streakmark that was "Green Lantern." It's astonishing, and frankly I'm glad he's not being blackballed from being Deadpool. 

This is one of the comic book movies that is going to come in with high expectations, and I'm not worried about it for a second. The only thing missing is a little Cable, if they can eventually incorporate the Cable/Deadpool relationship into the film(s) like they did in the video game, then that's gold, Tim Miller, gold.  

You can check out the entire Empire article here. 

Just 191 more days to wait.