Full Confession: How I KNOW Keiynan Lonsdale Will Kill It As Kid Flash

(image via The Flash Facebook page)

Keiynan Lonsdale has just been cast as Wally West aka Kid Flash in the sophomore season of the breakout hit The Flash. For those unfamiliar with the character in comic book canon, Wally West is the nephew of Iris West who begins as a sidekick to Barry Allen and eventually inherits the mantle of The Flash for himself. As Variety guessed (and I am inclined to agree), the odds are we won’t see that version of Wally on the small screen. The writers and producers are likely to tweak the origin story for Kid Flash, possibly making use of the multiple dimensions they’ve already announced which will see the likes of original Flash Jay Garrick coming to Team Flash.


Now here is why I am calling this “full confession”: I know Keiynan Lonsdale will do great as a member of the ensemble cast of The Flash. How do I know that? Because I have seen every episode of the Australian show Lonsdale was featured in, Dance Academy. That’s right kids. Your favorite bearded badass watched Dance Academy and got way too into it. Have yourself a chortle and then let’s all be semi-adults here and move on.

My name is Drew. I am almost 30 years old and I watched every episode of Dance Academy.

I (thankfully) don’t have to get too deep into the premise or concept of Dance Academy to explain why Lonsdale’s time on this Aussie teen drama makes him a fit for Central City. For a basic idea, think Degrassi but in Australia and with dancing. The show has you following multiple character arcs at once, much like what made The Flash so successful in season 1. You didn’t JUST care about Barry or Iris. You cared about Cisco and Joe and Caitlin too! Heck, you even cared about Captain Cold because he was such an interesting character! Lonsdale has worked in this type of setting before and is great at finding his moments. What I mean by that is he manages to stand out without stealing the scene.

Lonsdale also has a great range of emotions and expresses himself very well on camera, through both facial expression and body language. His character on Dance Academy was put through a LOT and he managed to do an amazing job conveying the emotional highs and lows. Lonsdale also seemed to develop really great on-screen chemistry with the rest of the cast.

What I’m trying to say is, adding a talented actor who has experience with ensemble shows to an ensemble show is a win for everyone. Fans of The Flash should be excited that Wally West will be embodied by a great young actor and fans of Dance Academy will stoked to see Ollie back in action. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Dance Academy message boards to check.