Comic Review: Tokyo Ghost #1

I read this book before bed last night and let my feelings really sink in.

This book is like a beautiful love baby that is part Mad Max and part Borderlands. Artists Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth are the stars here -- and that's no shot at Rick Remender.

The art is just so explosive, fluid and truly means something with the context of the plot.

Tokyo Ghost is set in 2089 Los Angeles, and this place is absolutely insane as Debbie and Led track down Davey Trauma, who can literally control everyone but Debbie. Trauma literally has a video game controlled in his arm, which makes me think of those creepy videos with an iPhone supplanted just below the skin.

Remender doesn't pull any punches with how he views the future with this setting. Porn, click-bait headlines, advertisement, suicide pills at sporting events and drugs are everywhere and within arm's reach.

This setting comes into play with Debbie and Led's complicated relationship. She is 100 percent in love with him (as shown on her little virtual eyepiece), but Led's brain is turning to (essentially) mush due to the world he is surrounded by.

This book does what so many books fail to do. It tries to make a social statement and does it in a way that while is clear to pick up on; it isn't the soul driving point of the story. Remender paints the clear picture of all the shit we have thrown at us on a daily basis from gossip headlines to glutton to violence without burying the really solid story he has with Tokyo Ghost.

Granted, the characters are overlooked a bit with the fast-paced go-go action, but it's there and the book ends on a deeply emotional point which showcases the battle Debbie and Led are fighting. Her love for him is deep, but he's too dumb and lost to see it -- for now.

Go get this Image Comics book. I'm thankful it was recommended to me. The art, story and everything is on point.