Excuse Me?: 63 percent of fans think 'Force Awakens' will be the best Star Wars film yet

I'm all for optimism, especially when it comes to things I love. 

But, get a load of this shit. 

A survey report I stumbled on over at Comic Book Resources by way of Harris Interactive, says that nearly two-thirds of fans surveyed believe that the "Force Awakens" will be the best Star Wars film to date. 

First off, have these people never seen "Empire Strikes Back?"

How about "Return of the God Damn Jedi?"

This survey also made these fans (who were most likely born next to a lead paint store in the 1980s) specifically say why they think it will be the GOAT. 

Thirty-six percent said more advanced CGI is the reason it will be better. Holy shit. I hate so many people that it actually makes me a little disappointed in myself. I'm all for special effects and all that good stuff, but never have I ever held CGI over originality, character development, plot lines and a good old-fashioned climax. 

Twenty-five percent said they think the story will be better. Like I said earlier, I'm all for optimism, but damn. I just want to advise these people to go back and watch Empire Strikes back and talk to me on how that storyline can be topped. 

The remaining percentage cited reasons like "these will be more true to the series than the prequels," which is a good reason, JJ Abrams and a better cast. Those are all fine and dandy reasons for which I have no intense qualms about. 

According to CBR, 2,000-plus adults were surveyed.