Comic Review: Bat-Mite #4

Hey kiddos, let me ask you a question: Who’s better than Batman?

That’s right nobody!

I mean, it’s not even a contest, right? He’s just the best. That is why everyone should study him and try to emulate him as a hero. Why be something else when you can be more BATMAN? Good thing Bat-Mite has stuck around our dimension to help facilitate these much needed changes. Nobody needs these changes more than that cereal box guy Booster Gold. It’s good he showed up too, cause Bit-Mite is having roommate issues.

Fire isn't a problem in the fifth dimension... it's not Bat-Mite's fault.

Let’s be honest though; that’s just a terrible name. It may work for him as leader of Justice League International and selling adult diapers (“Hero Britches: We Got Your Backside”) but it just isn’t Batman enough. A new costume, origin, and name are in order and Bat-Mite is a master at this kind of thing. That’s why he gives us Black Gold (sorta like Booster, but darker, and moodier, and a five o’clock shadow, and no stupid force fields. I mean, Batman doesn’t need a force field and neither does this guy).

I know, I’m forgetting something…. Oh right, superheroes need to fight bad guys. Black Gold couldn’t do that without some help from Batman’s biggest fan. I mean, this guy just wants to keep stuff from blowing up. What kind of hero does that? I guess he is kind of a nice guy, though; using his temporal paradoxiness to fix things that may have inadvertently been destroyed (I mean, I don’t beef about a CGC 9.8). I guess Booster Gold can have his old name and look back, we wouldn’t want the adult diaper industry to suffer for loss of a spokesman.

Dan Jurgens is a comic hero of mine. He is a terrific artist, giving the comic world some of the most iconic scenes and covers. Remember the Death of Superman cover? That’s him. Yet that is not the only reason I love him. He is also one of my favorite writers. Jurgen’s breathes his own quirky sense of humor into all that he writes. His work with Booster Gold through the years exemplifies this the most for me. He may not be as well known a Geoff Johns, who he worked with on Booster Gold back in the 2000’s, but he is far more beloved by me.

If Jurgen’s is doing the writing and not the art as well, then you need an artist that can do the dialog justice. Corin Howell does just that. Bat-Mite is a cartoonish imp, but the world around him usually is not. Howel asks, why not make it all absurd and slightly cartoonish? I love the playfulness he imbues each panel with. Many people might just ignore a fish stuck to a cabinet with marshmallow paste, but not this reader.  

There are two more Bat-Mite’s coming out before the end of this miniseries in November. Do yourself a favor and pick them up, and the first four while you’re at it. This miniseries may not set the world on fire, but it will have you laughing and enjoying comics.