Comic Review: Deadpool vs. Thanos

Let me start this review off by saying this, I haven't had this much fun with a Deadpool title -- let alone a Marvel one -- in quite some time.

Thanos' evil, intense demeanor and Deadpool's violent quirkiness is a match made in fun heaven.

Tim Seeley sticks with the trend of recent Deadpool titles in the fact that he features a convoluted plot timeline. The premise of the plot revolves around the fact that Thanos and Deadpool are both in love with the Mistress Lady Death.

When she comes up missing, the two decide to join forces to find her -- not before Thanos smashes Deadpool into little Wade Wilson flavored Pizza Rolls. With Lady Death kidnapped, no one on Earth can die. This leads to some hilarious plot points, which includes the Zombies going on Strike with the Black Talon.

This book really has it all. Seeley delivers a deep plot that combines action, humor and beautiful breaking of the fourth wall. I was hesitant to pick this book up due to millions of new Deadpool titles seemingly coming out each month, but I am so glad I took a chance on another Deadpool vs. mini-series. 

You should absolutely pick this book up. There are hilarious one-liners mocking other characters that remind you why you love Deadpool, and intense violent moments that make Thanos such a terrifying villain.

Not to mention an appearance from Dr. Doom!

Seeley's pacing is perfect, his grip on the characters works perfect, and he added another layer to the underrated rivalry between Deadpool and Thanos. Thanos cursed Deadpool with immortality, and now that no one can die, he needs his help.

While I'm a sucker for a strongly written book, the art and colors are nothing to scoff at. Artist Elmo Bondoc has clearly been keeping up on his Deadpool books because he makes readers feel right at home with the Merc with a Mouth.

As Deadpool would say, go grab this book you "Wednesday warriors."