Our Favorite Interviews from 2015

We had a lot of fun in our inaugural year, and one of the best parts about it was how blessed we were in terms of nabbing interviews. Like, we had a WHOOOOOLE bunch we conducted that defy reason, but since Ben decided to make these bloody lists only five entries long, we had to shorten things down to the interviews that we had the most fun with. So, in no particular order...

1. Mick Gray - Inker, DC Comics

Our first big guest! Mick was open, honest, and had a blast talking comics with us, and explaining a craft that so often gets overlooked in the composition of a comic. LOVE that dude. 


2. Skottie Young - Artist, Marvel & Image

Skottie is just as fun as his art would suggest, and in this interview we got to ask him all sorts of goofy shit. The best part, arguably, is when Skottie is confronted by straight-up trash talk from Sam Humphries. 


3. Christopher Moore - New York Times Best-Selling Author

It was brief, but it was great - Moore's full array of dick-joke humor is on display as we manage to not squeal like fan girls at a Justin Bieber concert (is Bieber still a thing for tweens? I don't know. I'm old.)


4. Mike Grell - Artist, DC Comics

The man who brought gritty realism into the world of Green Arrow (and who essentially set the table for the tone of the CW's 'Arrow'), Mike Grell, talked to us about his contributions to the Emerald Archer at the 2015 Grand Rapids Comic Con. Wow. 


5. Steve Orlando - Writer, DC Comics & Image

Really lucked out getting Steve on - he's one of the hotter names in comics for his bravery in broaching subject matter that other creators don't really even touch, and for his kickass action sequences and characterizations. Also, his five words for recommending 'Undertow' were divinely inspired. 


Honorable Mention: Andy 'King of the City' Budnick - Artist

Do not listen to this interview if you have any liquids in your mouth - they gon' get spewed. Andy is hilarious, insightful, and gives a very unique perspective of an extremely talented artist breaking into the industry. 


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