Movie Review: Batman: Bad Blood

Kate to Dick: “Nun’s with M-60s and katanas?”

Dick to Kate: “That would make them nunjas.”

While Marvel studios dominates DC on the big screen, DC’s animation studio dominates the little screen; Over the past decade DC has continuously turned out masterful cinematic features. While every entry into their post-New 52 lineup isn’t a home run (see God’s and Monsters for reference), the bat-family-centric stories have continuously gotten better. In Bad Blood we see the expansion of that universe, which will directly affect future Justice League stories and Batman Inc.

It’s easy to think Bad Blood is just a chance to get Dick Grayson in the cape and cowl next to Damian Wayne. Hell, it’s what I want more than anything - Grant Morrison’s run from 2009 – 2011 on the dynamic duo are some of my favorite comics in recent memory. Dick and Damian are the perfect odd couple, and parts of this feature capture that. Parts of this feature also show how much of an asshole Bruce Wayne is (something I’ve been yelling from the roof top for years*). And part of this feature is an origin for Batwing and Batwoman. All these threads get woven together into a cohesive story about family.

Luke to Dick: “That would put the League of Shadows in control of the world.”

Kate to Damian: “My God; kid your mom’s got game.”

I will not spoil the story - If you’ve been reading the Robin-centered storylines in the comic since 2009, you have a good idea about Damian’s relationship with his mom and “siblings.” What I will say is how refreshing the dialogue is in this feature: It’s well thought out, never forced, and with the right amount of cheese that lightens the mood.

Kate to Luke: “Hey Batwing, need a ride in the… Batwing?”

We see Kate and Renee Montoya flirting at a bar, and it is about the most natural meet cute that you can think of. Batwoman’s sexuality is never hinted at, but brought right out front unabashedly. Kate even tells Dick that she assumed he was gay when they were younger. The maturity and forthrightness of these conversations lend credence to the strides that have been made socially in the comic culture.

Finally, the action. Oh, the action! It is superb. Every fight is eye candy, and yes… Alfred kicks ass.

All I all the only thing that was missing is Batcow, but the last cameo in the film more than makes up for it.

Story: 10

Visuals: 10

Acting: 10

Score: 10

*Editor's note - not joking in the slightest. Campus security hated Kevin.