Comic Review: Great Lakes Avengers #1

When I first say that the Great Lakes Avengers were getting a reboot I about wet myself. When I saw that Zac Gorman was writing it, who has worked Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, and Uncle Grandpa, I had to change my whole wardrobe. Needless to say, this comic had very high expectations from me and I must say the Great Lakes Avengers are truly, almost totally, probably going to be back. I sure they will be succeeding to disappoint all over again. 

Got it? No? How about a refresher? Who are the Great Lakes Avengers

Based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (the good land) The GLA had to rename themselves "The Lightning Rods" after Hawkeye complained that this ramshackle group of misfits were tarnishing the name of "Avengers" and Maria Stark sent them a cease and desist. Over the years they had changed their name several times to the "Great Lakes Champions", "Great Lakes X-men", "S.W.O.R.D." and "Great Lakes Infinitive." Eventually the entire team disbanded, likely due to dysfunction after the deaths of several members like Grasshopper 2, Squirrel Girl's partner Monkey Joe, and Doorman. Doorman does end up coming back as the literal "Angel of Death" and Squirrel Girl gets a new partner named Tippy Toe (who has a bow). When their leader Mr. Immortal seems to drop off the face of the earth, Dr. Val Ventura (Flatman) has nothing to do but play video games and collect royalty checks.

Man your so two dimensional Val

The GLA gets some new life after Maria Stark finds out that the trademark for the "Avengers," after several problems with Stark Holdings, has been transferred to the only person that had the "foresight" to file a legal claim to it: Dr. Val Ventura. Naturally, Maria wants to buy Flatman out. She offers him more money than he could ever spend in his lifetime (though she can't get him a futuristic flying car like that Mr. Fantas... you know never mind), but he only wants one thing: the ability to have his team to legally call themselves "The Great Lakes Avengers."

And Thus a Superhero team was reborn!

Val lets everybody that's still alive and that he has the cell phone numbers to that the team is back together. It seems that only Big Bertha is at all interested but soon Doorman appears out of a diner table as if nothing had happened. Dr. Immortal and Squirrel Girl are a no show. We don't really know why Dr. Immortal is playing hard to get but we do know Doreen has made a few upgrades to her social circle.

I'm sure she's not hiding her phone from the Real Avengers.

Anyway, Stark got them their own super secret headquarters in Detroit. Their super secret base seems to be in a less then gentrified section of town which has a few members on the team questioning why they are doing this at all until they are met by a girl who identifies herself as Pansy - like the flower - and she has been getting all of Dr. Immortals texts and decided to meet Flatman at the intended location. This leaves the very important question as to how she got his phone and where is Dr. Immortal?

My first intro to GLA was Dan Slott's outrageously funny run back in 2005. Sense then I have craved everybit of GLA I could get my hands on, and now I finally got a new series to sate me. They couldn't have found a better writer than Zac Gorman to inject sardonic humor into this bad of misfits. How can somebody make the literal "Angel of Death" seem so commonplace? Gorman is Brilliant Morty! Brilliant! But he is not alone, Will Robson's hand at the pencils does play the perfect compliment to the ridiculousness of this series. It's cartoonish, not overly detailed, and often overly exagerated; which is what this comic needs for greatness.

This is the comic Marvel needs right now. Let me say that again. MARVEL NEEDS THIS COMIC. With all the very serious goings on in Civil War Part Duex going on, Marvel needs more comics to lighten the mood. If they have to lean on Squirrel Girl more to do so, I'll take it! So buy this book. Buy all the GLA books, if not for yourself, do it for Val who likes expensive Chicago style pizza.

Rating 9.5/10 Paper, Rock, Scissors