'Logan' First Trailer Reaction

There's been a lot of build up for the third Wolverine movie (and I was truly pulling for "WOLVERIN3" as the title...), and every new piece of news just upped the stakes. James Mangold & Hugh Jackman returning. 'Old Man Logan' as a starting point. X-23 as a character. Professor X as a supporting character. Donald Pierce as a villain. It all just looked better and better, to the point where it's like, "Okay, something's gotta tank this soon...."

And then the trailer dropped today and I'm still trying to get my adrenaline to throttle down after watching. 

It really looks like this movie is right in director James Mangold's wheelhouse - downtrodden hero, child in need of guidance, an army against them, desolate landscape. Jackman looks like he's bringing an aged pathos to the character that has been missing in the past, and only hinted at in films like "X2" and "the Wolverine." And by god, Laura Kinney and Donald ****ing Pierce looked so damn good.

To give some context as to how intensely I scrutinized this trailer, I've been a fan of the character since I was six years old (29 years), I have nearly the entire first run of Wolverine (including all mini-series leading up to it), I have his first appearance (Incredible Hulk 180), the first print of "Old Man Logan," and I love the guy so damn much I bought both of his solo flicks. I NEEDED this movie to be amazing. 

And there it is, synched perfectly with Johnny Cash and Rick Rubin's version of "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails, Logan haunted by an act of violence he performed on his friends on family, Professor Xavier in need of a friend... This could be the gut-punch movie that "X-Men: Apocalypse" was supposed to be. Donald Pierce is a truly classic Wolverine villain, and he looks as menacing as he ever was in the books. One has to assume the Weapon X organization is involved. I can't stop my brain. 

I can't get over this. It was perfect. 

I'm gonna watch it again. 

11 out of 10 Berserker Rages