Star Citizen Keeps Expanding

The latest demo of Star Citizen to come out of CitizenCon has given me some surprising revelations. The game that was first imagined as spacing simulator in the vein of Orion's Privateer and the Wing Commander series has turned into so much more. Coupled with the No Man's Sky like exploration and Mass Effects investigation of colonies and planets we also get a first person shooter... and Frank Herbert's sandworms. 

Seriously, Shai-Hulud looks pissed. Someone call Leto II.

What is most amazing about all of this, is how well it all works. I guess this shouldn't be surprising based on all the money the development of this game has sucked up, but I am impressed at the scale that has been achieved. What's even more impressive is that you can play it for FREE for the next TEN DAYS!

So give it a download and see if you like it.