Photo Nerds: To mirrorless, or not to mirrorless?


Holy crap. Canon finally got on board, if only half-heartedly. It’s the one argument (besides the ever-standing ‘sell your Canon and switch to the superior Nikon’) that my photography friends and I consistently have.

To mirrorless, or not to mirrorless?

Having invested in Canon’s high-end DSLRs, the last thing I want to do is pull the plug and switch completely to another brand. But with a mirrorless that accepts all Canon’s EF lenses?! Even if I have to use an adaptor, SIGN ME UP! If only they had done it right.

The megapixels are there, but the video quality is already outdated and outshined by the far superior Sony A7Sii. Granted, the A7Sii has a higher price point, but guess what. PEOPLE ARE BUYING THEM. I’m no bean counter, but focusing on a market of novice users seems silly to me. The professionals are the ones who are craving a solid mirrorless body. This just isn’t what I hoped for when I read the eye-catching titles teasing me with the thought of ditching my 8-pound travesty that causes achy-neck syndrome after an 8-hour shoot for a lightweight, super stabilized setup.

It’s not the first mirrorless for Canon, so you’d think they would’ve done a better job. ‘Panning mode’? Seriously? It’s all novelty designed to ride the wave of moms-with-cameras-who-consider-themselves-photographers looking to spend money without having to learn anything. Really hoping those consumers decide to spend their money to prove to Canon it’s worth investing in the mirrorless market currently cornered by Sony so they release a competitive mirrorless camera geared toward the serious photographers.