What do Google, the internet and three months have to do with each other?

Google has extended their world-domination dreams yet again.

This time, using balloons to carry Internet to inaccessible areas. Why is this so cool? Balloons float away, right? Silly Google.

They went full "we're Google, let's just figure this ish out" mode.

So they strapped the balloons with a little AI that utilized the air currents in the stratosphere to keep them in Peruvian airspace for three months. THREE months!

It's called Project Loon, check out a video from its website below: 

There are a couple things I love about this.

  • Information is power.
  • There is a guy in Africa literally writing news on a board so people who can’t afford to buy a paper can be informed.
  • Free Internet has the power to change so many countries.

What’s cool about how Google has so creatively come up with a working, perhaps not sustainable, method for delivering such an ambitious dream, is that they are working with nature to achieve it. The time for progress in spite of collateral damage has passed. Working smarter, not harder. And all to spread the infinite possibilities of technology and information. I have to tip my hat to them.

That’s pretty sweet.