The Difficult Nerd Gift Guide

You would think that nerds would be easy to shop for.  They like comic books, right?  More books, easy.  Or a Batman hoodie, those are everywhere.  And those are well and good, but then you have those niche nerds that are a bit more....complicated.  Stacey and Emily happen to be those kinds of nerds, so, to help you buy gifts for your favorite cosplayer/photographer/fandom nerds, we came up with this shopping list just for you!

Cosplay Nerds
- Gift cards to all and any craft store.  Michaels, Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby.  Amazon is great for those who do special effects cosplay (think LED lights, etc).
- Sewing supplies of any kind.  Literally.
- Sewing machines are heavy.  Be an angel and get your cosplayer a rolling sewing caddy for con-friendly travel.
- Unique patterns you might find out and about, or, check out the Cosplay line that our close, personal friends McCall's makes.
- Worbla.  So much Worbla.

Photo Nerds
- Need to get things crystal clear on the go?  This lens cloth keychain is super handy!
- Got a photo nerd who lives for puns?  Yeah.  We got you.
- The best gifts are the ones that are multi-functional, like this 5-in-1 reflector.
- To be fair, non-photo-nerds would also love this LED flashlight, but it belongs here, too.
- Dust removal is a must for photographers.  Might as well do it with a rocket ship.
- Look!  A coffee mug that looks like a lens!
- Look!  A coffee mug that looks like a coffee mug!
- You can never go wrong with some sciencey/nerdy artwork.

Fandom Nerds
- Whovians and journal-hoarders unite when it comes to a desire for River Song's TARDIS Journal.
- If you say you don't like to color, you're lying.  So you might as well just color a Winchester.
- And to round up the SuperWhoLock love (THANKS TUMBLR), get some Sherlock pillows for you and the bestie.
- We want a real BB-8, but we suppose a life-size BB-8 lamp will do for now.
- Want to pamper your friend and find out their Hogwarts house?  These Hogwarts House bath bombs turn the bath into one of the house colors, and it's always a surprise!