DC Recommits to Wildstorm Imprint via Warren ****ing Ellis!

Today is a VERY special day for some of us here at le Court du Nerds, thanks in part to one of our favorite publishers and one of our favorite writers: DC Comics plans to relaunch their Wildstorm imprint with Warren Ellis helming the ship

Ellis was probably the single most influential creator to dabbled in the Wildstorm Universe, and the brief success of the Young Animal imprint must've triggered something in DC co-publisher Jim Lee to get this ball rolling. Personally, I like to think the reaction from the absolutely pristine Midnighter series set things off, but whatever - WILDSTORM IS BACK MON FRERES!

Back when Jim Lee had his own little corner of the brand-new Image universe (Wildstorm), he produced some phenomenal art and created some moderately interesting characters like WILDCats and  Stormwatch. However, it wasn't until he began handing the reigns over to other creators to re-jigger his creations that Wildstorm really blew up, especially the aforementioned WILDCats (by Joe Kelly) and Stormwatch (by Warren Ellis and Tom Raney). 

Eventually, Wildstorm became so popular that it was purchased by DC Comics and continued putting out really interesting books like the Authority, which saw work from Mark Millar, Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, and Ellis himself, grab hold of the attention of many book readers. Then Flashpoint hit, then New 52, and Wildstorm was all but forgotten. 

Stormwatch, Grifter, and Voodoo all got series in New 52, but were all tepid at best (although I really liked the Voodoo series and Stormwatch with Martian Manhunter had some potential). Then, Steve Orlando blew the doors off of DC You with his exceptional Midnighter series, and it seemed like people really started to long for those Wildstorm characters again. Hell, even Grifter started popping up in Future's End and Batman and Robin Eternal.  

So now we've got this incredible news about a returning favorite, all while DC is grabbing huge chunks of the comic book market share. Things are pretty rosy for the Distinguished Competitor, but we're going to have to wait until February 2017 until things get wonderfully weird.