Top comic book pulls for Wednesday, Oct. 5

It's that time of the week again, you know, the time where I tell you what to do with your life after walking through the enchanting doors of your local comic shop. 

While last week was heavy on the Joshua Williamson train, the same could be said about Steve Orlando and this week's top pull list.

Batman #8 co-written by Tom King and Steve Orlando with Riley Rossmo on art $2.99

This issue is the second for Batman and fourth overall Night of the Monster Men part. Orlando is spread out on several of these books for this arc and he is a perfect fit. The art has been fantastic, and King's writing is the stuff throw the formula out the window comic nerds dream of. 

Check out our review of issue seven for reference:

Comic Review: Batman #7 (by Steve Orlando AND Tom King)

DC's take: 

NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN' part four! The giant monsters might be bad, but Gotham's heroes encounter a whole new threat level when two of their own start terrorizing the city! Batman must face the horrifying possibility of losing two of his closest allies to Hugo Strange's vicious attack.

Nightwing #6 co-written by Tim Seeley and Steve Orlando with art by Roge Antonia $2.99


Look at that damn cover from Yanick Paquette! See above. Orlando makes these old-school horror stories feel somewhat like a Spaghetti Western. They're fun, they're weird and it's plain-out awesome to see a fantastic creator get a chance to work with so many other talented folks. 

DC's take: 

'NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN' part five! The hunt for Hugo Strange rages onward as the Manipulator rises and uses the citizens of Gotham City to shield itself from the Bat-Family. All while the monstrous version of Nightwing looms over Gotham City.

The Autumnlands #13 by Kurt Busiek and art from Ben Dewey and Jordie Bellaire$2.99

Busiek is a treasure, and this series is even more proof. Grant has swooned all over this book in his reviews for us, and while I love to tell him he's wrong, he's absolutely spot on when it comes to the Autumnlands. 

Jordie Bellaire is the most underrated commodity in the comics books industry, and while we haven't had her on the show (yet), I urge you to buy any book you see her name attached to. She is special, she gets it and she has proven countless times that she can handle any story, theme or publisher with an insane level of skill and talent. 

Grant last review ish 11, here's that:

Comic Review: Autumnlands #11

Image's take:

Now we've got GODS involved 

Paper Girls #10 by Brian K. Vaughan and art by Cliff Chiang and Matt Wilson $2.99

This is one of those critically-acclaimed books that doesn't get enough love. There is nothing like this on the market. Now is the time to pick up that first trade and scoop this issue. For real. 

Images take:

The second arc of the smash-hit ongoing series concludes with the Paper Girls risking everything to escape the 21st Century… but if any survive, where will they end up next? 

Most pulled list from ComiXology:

1.The Walking Dead #159 (MR) Cvr A Adlard & Stewart

2.Batman #8 (monster Men)

3.Amazing Spider-Man (2015-) #19 Bdnm

4.Justice League #6

5.Superman #8

6.Doctor Strange (2015-) #12

7.Paper Girls #10

8.Doctor Strange (2015-) #12

9.Nightwing #6 (monster Men)

10. Invincible Iron Man (2015-) #14