Comic Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #18

Why was this book $5, Marvel? 

While DC Comics jam-packs two fun stories into one book for $2.99, Marvel forces loyal Spider-Man readers into $5 just because there is a two-page bonus story at the end or some digital bonus? 


As for the actual content, I thought this was a stronger issue than in the past couple of tries from Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli. Outside of a panel where Aunt May looks more like a character from Mars Attacks! I thought it was a well-rounded artistic story with a to the T, done this 1,000,000 Spider-Man story. 

Spoilers kick-in after this picture

There has to be an inside joke buried in this terrible thing, right? 

There has to be an inside joke buried in this terrible thing, right? 

Someone dies in this issue. Peter is too busy being Spider-Man to be there and/or save them. 

It's the story any Spider-Man can outline in their sleep, and that's been shoved down our throats since Webhead has existed. The Jackal feels like Martin Shkreli with a mask on and a cat fetish. 

The main story feels a little all over the place. Like, seriously, Peter is late to make it to the hospital because he is stuck doing nearly exactly the same thing as in Spider-Man 2 the movie. He's stuck holding people while his life falls apart. 

Poetic. Tried. Tired. 

Rating: 6.5/10 The short-story at the end of this issue, "King's Ransom," does more for the story than the main peg. Spider-Man #19 follows a formulaic, tried and tired Peter Parker story to a T.