Power Rangers Teaser Trailer

We, as a collective hive mind here at the Court of Nerds, were fairly excited when we heard they were rebooting the Power Rangers franchise. Our little minds got even more excited when we found out that they were bringing in some serious talent to play some very iconic characters with Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa and Bryan Cranston as Zordon.

That being said they largely have new comers playing the Rangers and they had some big shoes to fill. However the new teaser trailer gives us hope that they are going to fill those shoes just fine. We may even have a multi movie franchise on our hands.

Check out the new trailer below:

A little bit of a trailer breakdown will now ensue! GET HYPE! 

The trailer is what you kind of expect when it comes to a teaser, just a delightful taste. It shows a lot of character in the beginning. The struggles of the Rangers as people are presented including Jason being reminded of his screw up, and just being in school being bullied and picked on with graffiti on their lockers and trash talking in the hallways.

Next they are shown in a "restricted area" where they find what seems to be buried Zords and the source of their powers. The "coins" are drawn to them becasue the next day at school everyone is different. Nobody feels the same. Experiencing some super human strength and "heat transferring" (Editor's note: I love Jon's choice of words here) abilities. They decide to go back to where they found the source of their power and continue to gain knowledge of what they are able to accomplish.

We then see a series of fast paced action scenes and perhaps a growing relationship with Kimberley and Jason. Because the Red Ranger always gets the girl...unless there's a Green Ranger around.

Finally, the climax of the trailer featuring Rita Replusa hovering over Kimberley and saying "I’ve killed Rangers before" before throwing her into the wall. OH DAMN! Main title, a quick glimpse of them Morphin for what would be assumed as the first time.

If you know even a little bit about the Power Rangers and the mythos, this trailer should have given you the squeals. This should be a great start to a rebooted franchise. Only time will tell. Power Ranger hits theaters March 2017.