Disney's Beauty and the Beast Trailer Released

Hold on to your eardrums, folks, because Emily's coming at you with some pterodactyl-level screeches that would make Beethoven  cry.

We finally get to see a full trailer for Disney's much-anticipated live-action Beauty and the Beast, and it is just as magical and breathtaking as the teaser we were gifted with earlier this year.  It uses the same nostalgia-punch-in-the-feels piano score as the trailer, but we get to see much more of our favorite characters, including the enchanted servants and the Beast himself, played by a perfectly CGI'd Dan Stevens.  We even get to see Gaston riling up the village into a fit of misplaced terror that leads to the film's climax.

As expected, Disney's latest animation-to-live-action project looks absolutely stunning, and will certainly be one of the biggest hits of 2017; bonus that it's one you can take the whole family to.