Comic Review: Thanos #1

Is everybody ready for at least two years of MCU Infinity War starting in 2018? Marvel needs to get their big bad guy back in the comics mainstream and kicking ass again, right? I mean, we got a Civil War II event that nobody asked for in part due to the MCU so we may as well get it over with, right? I mean, Thanos just broke free from The Ultimates' prison and I'm sure everything was just the way he left it...

Oh, uh... maybe not. Seems his loyal lieutenant Corvus Glaive has taken over as the new puppet master of the "Dark Sector." He actually has things running fairly smoothly, and all the scum of the galaxy seems to be profiting quite nicely because of it. I'm sure Thanos will be happy with this turn of events.

Okay, maybe "happy" isn't the right word to use here. I guess Thanos just needed to blow off some steam; I mean getting beat by Earth's heroes all the time must get at your self esteem. I'm sure he will forgive Corvus... nope... nope... he just had his former lackey kill himself. Well now that he has taken control back of his empire, I'm sure there isn't any other people wanting to take on Thanos.

Wait, Starfox (Eros, brother of Thanos) and Tryco Slatterus (The Champion of the Universe) are going to be working together to kill Thanos? I mean, that would be a potent combo, but Thanos should easily take down both of them. The two of them couldn't take on Thanos by themselves, they would need some help from some powerful allies...

Thane is hooking up with Death? DEATH?! The "person" his father loves more than anything? Okay that should be allot of firepower. I can just imagine the look on Thanos' face when he see his son wrapped up in his girl. But, let's be honest, they can't possibly succeed. Thanos is practically a god, he'd have to already be in some bad shape for this plan to succeed...

Oh... Okay, maybe this could work.

I know what you're thinking. "Holy cow, this story has the cast of characters strait out of the 70's and 80's!" Yup, it does, and it is awesome. I have often wondered over the past decade as to what the other Eternals are really up to. I know what Eros was up to (banging). I just would have figured some super powerful immortals would have more of a say with the goings on of galactic affairs. Maybe we will get to see a big family reunion. 

I'm going to be honest, I didn't think I would enjoy this book this much. When the tagline is, "Thanos Returns," I could help but ask; "when did he leave?" He's been in allot of books after 2012 when Joss Whedon gifted the world with Avengers and we saw the Mad Titan glowering in the end credits. He literally just killed War Machine this summer! But I get it, he is returning to where he was before he took an interest in Earth.

It really does help that Schuster Award winner Jeff Lemire is penning this tale. Everyone loved his work on All New Hawkeye, Moon Knight, Black Hammer, and Earth One: TT. This is truly an intriguing story and I am sold even if Mike Deodato wasn't doing the pencils, but he is, which is fantastic. Just look at the panels above and tell me you aren't immediately interested.

In the end, I thought I was done with Thanos. I, like allot of the comic community, have been having some serious hangups with some of the story choices Marvel has made over the past year and was looking forward to some self correction in 2017. Yet, after reading this comic, I think I have it in me for one more story about the Mad Titan.

Rating: 8/10 Eros Bed Warmers