Comic Review: Avengers #1

It's another Avengers #1! 

Mark Waid is still on this book, and that alone should make it worth the cover price. Waid continues to show how well he understands this group of Avengers. He and Marvel have slimmed the team down, which lets the individuals shine brighter in this team title.

Waid is one of comic's heavy hitters but I gotta admit I'm not in love with his Peter Parker. Pete comes a shitty Tony Stark and it's not endearing. Spider-Man is fine but Waid's Parker needs a little fine tuning. Thor and Wasp are great though and Waid demonstrates a great handling of their personalities.

The villain is also particularly strong!  I'm a big fan of time travel, so naturally, I love some Kang. Even more so, I love extra time paradoxical Kang!! The set up for this arc is a home run, even if a few of the characters have some kinks to work out.

However, he's not the only star that shines on this book. Artist Mike Del Mundo is incredible and I'm in love with his style. Holy Hera, it's incredibly good. The energy jumps off the page. While the battle sequences were occasionally tough to follow, they were gorgeous. An easy thing to clean up and well worth it for what Del Mundo delivers on the page. 


An excellent appetizer to the coming Avengers feast, Waid and Del Mundo might have brought a second Marvel book to my pull list.