The Tech Wars are Heating Up

Courtesy of Microsoft

Courtesy of Microsoft

Here we go again.  Every time Apple releases some sort of major upgrade, people bitch and moan about how stupid it is.  Call me crazy, but I'm going to jump on board this time.

I'm going to start with a disclaimer:  I've been a loyal Mac user for over 10 years.  I own several Apple products and consider them bug-free and generally pleasant machines to own.  But this Touch Bar?  LAME.  Things are changing for the better, but mostly in Apple's competitors.

Microsoft has taken Apple's own game and turned it against them.  Banking on the creatives' money, they've come out with a game-changer:  The Surface Studio.  And at first glance, there's something beautiful about it. 

It. Is. Gorgeous.  And has me tingly in all the right places.

It has a bigger screen that the Apple's 27" iMac by one inch, which, having owned one for 5+ years, is amazing to edit photos on.  If only they had bumped up the pixels of the Surface Studio to match that of the vigorously-marketed 'Retina' displays from Apple.  The other features ,though, slap me sideways.  Adjustable monitor, touch screen that would alleviate the need for the graphics tablet I spent WAY too much money on, guts that match the Apple line.  My favorite?  It has haptic feedback built into the Surface Dial accessory.  For the love of all that is holy!


Sure, the price isn't quite where it needs to be at almost double that of the 27" iMac, but the features almost make me consider it.

Over the years, the way we interact with our machines has completely changed.  It's unfortunate that Apple went half-heartedly with the tiny Touch Bar.  Apple, you better watch out.  Microsoft is coming for you.