Brock Lesnar doesn't lose an ounce of credibility after the squash heard 'round the world

What's lost in all the to Squash, or not to squash discussion after the Brock Lesnar, Goldberg main event, is the limitless opportunities WWE just offered itself.  

Goldberg, a legendary monster, is now more over than he has been since 1998, and Brock Lesnar is still freakin' Brock Lesnar. Just because Goldberg beat Brock in less than two minutes with a spear, spit, spear, spit and jackhammer doesn't take anything away from Lesnar's spot on the card or what he has ran through in the past two and half years. 

Anyone who tries to tell you that Lesnar looks weak now, doesn't know much about the history of this business. What WWE just brilliantly did -- other than shock everyone with an ending they would have never suspected -- was adding the aura of fluke to Goldberg's win. 

Lesnar has dominated the WWE since going over Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 more than two years ago, and this 1:26 loss to Goldberg will come off in the storyline as fluke. Not only that, but I think we will all see and vastly appreciate a reinvigorated, more fired up Lesnar character moving forward toward WrestleMania. 

When the suspected winner gets squashed like Brock did in the north, it lessens the blow of a loss. There is a huge difference between going 20-minutes and losing a hard-fought battle and going down in less than 90 seconds because you got taken off your feet. 

Let me clarify, this way of thinking doesn't take anything away from Goldberg's win just in the way it doesn't from Lesnar's loss. A 50-year-old man is made to look like a credible monster, and Brock is headed for uncharted waters which is a very good thing. 

How much longer did people want to see Brock come and go every three months in the exact same formula since becoming the 1 in 21-0 in New Orleans? This is new, this is fresh and it's something different that hasn't been done for as long as I can remember. It opens the door for a more dominant Brock to come through, and allows Goldberg to go out on top in the manner WCW should have set up for him. 

This is WWE creative showing us that they do think about the long-term future when booking finishes, and I think they just bought themselves a get out of jail card with the smarkiest corners of the internet. 

What's most interesting in all of this, is that WWE didn't even book Goldberg this strong in his mid-2000s run. There were a couple squash matches here and there, but he essentially took on the role of top-tierish superstar with past credibility. 

It's for this reason, and Brock's stale character, that I was not overly excited for WWE's November classic. 

Let me just go ahead and paint this scene, as I feel that it properly captures the feeling heading into Survivor Series vs. what I felt after the show. 

I was in Toronto for NXT Takeover. I did not stay and go to Survivor Series the next night, even though it could have been done in theory. My friend and I who went together both agreed that this card -- on paper -- wasn't worth the time or money and that we would be better off watching it in our respective homes. 

We left Toronto -- after meeting and shaking Kevin Owens' hand in our hotel lobby -- around 10 a.m. Sunday. 

Jump ahead 12 and a half hours later, and my jaw is on the floor as the WWE did the one thing I never thought they would do. Not only did Goldberg beat Brock, but he squashed the shit out of him. 

Now that Goldberg has been announced for January's Royal Rumble event, we can start to look at the endless real possibilities at play here. 

Brock and Goldberg will almost certainly meet again, but the WWE doesn't have to do this at WrestleMania. While smart money's on it happening at the big show, is it really that out of the realm to consider Goldberg or Brock winning the rumble? 

Regardless what happens, there is now more hype surrounding these two than anyone could have imagined a week ago. Goldberg is back and wreaking of 1997 dominance. Brock is in an unfamiliar place, mysteriously licking his wounds and the WWE has a big money match to play with and keep in its back pocket. 



Whether you love or hate Goldberg's win and the way it went down, the WWE did something that none of us suspected. On that note, that's the tone they set Saturday night with the surprising NXT title change and they ended the main roster show in similar fashion.