Comic Review: Batgirl #4

Hope Larson and Rafael Albuquerque's Batgirl just keeps improving with each issue. 

The story has been solid from the start, I've made that clear since the beginning, but there was something missing in terms of connection between the actual dialogue and the corresponding art.

Not that either was bad, in my opinion, but just a little disconnected.

Issue four erased any of those concerns in my mind. Not only did Barbara feel like Barbara, but Batgirl felt like Batgirl.  This issue was part four of the "Beyond Burnside" arc, and not only is the setting different but the plot gets a kick right in the "let's get weird" pants. 

Barbara has a new boyfriend in Kai, Batgirl is trying to track a mysterious new villain in "The Teacher." There's an old-school feel and structure to the villains, I mean hell, they call themselves "Hardhat," "School Girl" and "The Teacher" for Christ's sake. 

It's oozing with Batman cheese, and one hell of an interesting twist at the end to keep the reader hanging on. I still recommend this series, and I definitely recommend this issue in particular. 

Albuquerque's art and Dave McCaig's colors are a fast-packed, energy-bursting blast. It's a beautiful book, and finally is much more consistent from page-to-page and from Batgirl-to-Barbara. 

Most impressive are the action scenes and any one where Batgirl is air-bound. Seriously. The pieces are really coming together and connecting. 

Rating 8/10: Fans who stuck with this series are being rewarded with beautiful work from Rafael Albuquerque and Dave McCaig. Hope Larson's story ooze with classic Batman-ish cheese and mysterious new characters.